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Have you ever heard someone say they were playing possum?
Well, humans can try to play possum, but they probably don’t do as well as the real thing.
When a real possum gets scared, it will flop down and play dead in hopes that the animal
attacking them will just leave them alone. But, the possum doesn’t do this concisely.
It is more like they faint. They can’t control it, they just pass out. They stay this way
even when picked up, poked or prodded. Most people will think the animal is really dead
and you probably wouldn’t know unless you listened for its heartbeat with a stethoscope.
Now if you want to play possum like the real thing, you need to just pass out, have your
lips curled back to show your teeth, foam at the mouth, have your eyes ½ shut and….well,
real possums then have a liquid leak out of their anus that smells really foul (like something
dead and rotting). Oh yeah, you could probably do most of this
pretty easily, but the foaming of the mouth and the foul smelling liquid, may be taking
it a bit too far. So there ya have it; playing possum should
be left to real possums that are experts at it.
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What Is Playing Possum? Animal Facts

2170 Folder Collection
Chi Shin Chen published on May 28, 2015
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