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  • Hello, gentlemen. You are the bereaved?

  • Yeah, man.

  • Francis donnelly. Pleased to meet you.

  • Jeff lebowski.

  • Walter sobchak.

  • The dude, actually, is, uh--

  • Excuse me?

  • Oh, nothing.

  • Yes, I understand you're taking away the remains.

  • Yeah.

  • We have the urn.

  • I assume this is credit card.

  • Yeah.

  • Walter: Ahem.

  • What's this?

  • That's for the urn.

  • Don't need it. We're scattering the ashes.

  • Yes, so we were informed.

  • However, we must, of course,

  • Transmit the remains to you in a receptacle.

  • This is $180.

  • It is our most modestly priced receptacle.

  • Can we just, uh-- $180?

  • They range up to 3,000.

  • Uh, we're, uh, ahem!

  • Can't we just rent it from you?

  • Sir, this is a mortuary, not a rental house.

  • We're scattering the fucking ashes!

  • Look, just because we're bereaved,

  • Doesn't make us saps!

  • Sir, please, lower your voices.

  • Man, don't you have, you know,

  • Something else we could put him in, you know?

  • That is our most modestly priced receptacle.

  • God damn it!

  • Is there a ralphs around here?

Hello, gentlemen. You are the bereaved?

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The Big Lebowski (11/12) Movie CLIP - The Bereaved (1998) HD

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