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  • bjbjLULU This video will teach you how to draw NBA superstar, Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma

  • City Thunder (formerly Seattle Supersonics). Narration: That was me before I became a serious

  • artist ..... While my jumping skills have regressed, my video making skills have improved.

  • You dont need to tilt your head to the left anymore. Now that you have seen my very mediocre

  • Sportscenter highlight, I am going to teach you about highlighting and shading in a drawing

  • video. This video will teach you how to draw the top player on team USA, Mr. Kevin Durant.

  • All you have to do is follow the step by step instructions and pause the video at the end

  • of each step while you draw. Im going to make it easy, so I hope that you give it a try.

  • Lets get started. Step one- Observe, then draw the two shapes that you see. The top

  • shape is similar to a crescent moon. The bottom shape is trapezoidal and the base of the bottom

  • shape is similar to a childs drawing of a bird in flight. Step two- Add the four oval

  • shapes for the eyes and ears. Be sure to notice that the left ear is much thinner because

  • the head is turned. Step three- The double shape that I just added is the edge of the

  • bottom of the nose and a parallel line for a shadow. Be sure to notice the symmetrical

  • smile lines on both sides of the nose as well. Here is a close up. Step four is a tricky

  • step. Start with completing the oval for the chin. Next, create the symmetrical lines for

  • the moustache. Durant also has sparse facial hair below his bottom lip and at his chin.

  • Step five is the most difficult step. I added the mouth and I will give you a close up in

  • a second. Notice the shape of the teeth and the shadow below the teeth. Take some extra

  • time to observe the teeth are slightly taller than the shadow below. Also, notice that the

  • top lip gets darker as it turns towards the teeth. Step six- add the eyebrows to the top

  • of the oval shapes from step one and the eyes towards the bottom. Also, observe

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bjbjLULU This video will teach you how to draw NBA superstar, Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma

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