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- Hey, it's Mom's birthday today.
- Yeah, I know. I called her when I woke up.
- You did?
- Yeah.
- But did you remember to send a card?
I knew you'd screw up,
that's why I put your name on my card.
I'm going to be so cold in the movie theater.
- Here, take this.
- Did you bring me an extra jacket?
- You are always forgetting your jacket.
- Do I look fat?
- No.
- Do I look fat?
- No.
- Do I look fat?
- Yes.
- Want to get ice cream?
- Yes.
- Want to get ice cream?
- Yes.
- Can we get ice cream?
- Yeah.
- My god, is it possible for you to walk any slower?
- Are you mad because you're hungry?
- No, that's so...
Thank you.
I called Gabby like four times,
and she hasn't called me back.
Isn't that messed up?
- I'm not going to talk bad about your best friend.
- I texted him like three times.
I haven't heard anything.
- Are you serious? He's a f--cking asshole.
I'm going to go beat him up.
- And the rabbi goes,
"Why don't you make me a sandwich, bitch?"
- Don't talk about women like that, man.
- Tell him, Kenny!
Aw, I forgot my bag.
- Oh, you want me to get it?
- You know which one?
- Yeah, it's the Tory Burch coral crossover right?
- Yeah.
- So it's gonna be forever,
or it's gonna go down in flames... -Are you singing Taylor Swift?
- You play it so much!
- You can tell me when it's over...
If the high was--
Killed you. Ha!
I'm the best.
- Are you cold? Come here.
- Oh, just a little. Thank you. That's so thoughtful.
Thanks, Kenny.
- Yeah.
Foul, you fouled!
Let me just shoot it.
- [Kenny] What are you talking about?
I didn't even touch you.
- Let me, let me shoot it.
- [Kenny] I'm on defense.
- Look Kenny, look Kenny, look.
Kenny! (groans)
Oh my god!
- [Kenny] Holy shit!
-Oh my god! Oh my god!
- [Kenny] Woah. Wow.
Let's get ice cream.
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Moments Everyone With A Sister Will Recognize

9311 Folder Collection
cch143394 published on May 27, 2015    yukaa translated    Neige.S reviewed
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