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Hello. My name is Emilia.
In this clip, I'd like to show you how to start your own vocabulary notebook.
There're many different ways of recording your vocabulary.
So here's the suggestion on how to get started.
Get yourself a notebook and divide it into sections from A to Z like this.
You can do this electronically,
and have one file for each of the alphabet.
Now let's imagine you see the word " roller coaster " for the first time.
You can find out the meaning from your teacher or dictionary.
To add it to your notebook, here's what you could do.
Roller coaster
Definition: A fast train you find at an amusement park.
It goes up and down very steep slopes and around very sudden bends.
Example sentence
As a teenager, I enjoyed going on roller costers.
You can add some useful collocations.
go on a roller coaster
ride a roller coaster
a roller coaster ride
You can add further information.
Alternative spellings
As this is your notebook, there're no rules.
You can include pictures or translations if this helps you learn.
You can also have additional sections on the back of your notebook to write down word families or mind maps.
Thank you for watching.
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English Language Learning Tips - Vocabulary

53262 Folder Collection
沈家后 published on May 28, 2015    沈家后 translated    Wendy reviewed
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