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  • You're like a child

  • Who wanders in in the middle of a movie--

  • Walter, what's the point, man?

  • There's no reason-- here's my point, dude--

  • There's no fucking reason--

  • Yeah, walter, what's your point?

  • Huh?

  • Walter, what is the point--

  • Look, we all know who is at fault here.

  • What the fuck are you talking about?

  • Huh? No, what the fuck are you--

  • I'm not--

  • We're talking about unchecked aggression here, dude.

  • What the fuck is he talking about?

  • My rug.

  • Forget it, donny. You're out of your element.

  • Walter, the chinaman who peed on my rug,

  • I can't go give him a bill.

  • So what the fuck are you talking about?

  • What the fuck are you talking about?

  • The chinaman is not the issue here, dude.

  • I'm talking about drawing a line in the sand, dude.

  • Across this line, you do not--

  • Also, dude, chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature.

  • Asian-american, please.

  • Walter, this isn't a guy who built the railroads here,

  • This is a guy--

  • What the fuck are you talking--

  • Walter, he peed on my rug.

  • He peed on the dude's rug.

  • Donny, you're out of your element.

  • Dude, the chinaman is not the issue here.

  • So, who--who--

  • Jeff lebowski.

  • The other jeffrey lebowski,

  • The millionaire.

  • That's fucking interesting, man.

  • That's fucking interesting.

  • Plus, he has the wealth, obviously,

  • And the resources,

  • Uh, so that there's no reason--

  • There's no fucking reason

  • Why his wife should go out

  • And owe money all over town,

  • And then they come

  • And they pee on your fucking rug!

  • Am I wrong? No.

  • Am I wrong?

  • Yeah, but--

  • Ok, then. Ahem.

  • That rug really tied the room together,

  • Did it not?

  • Fuckin' a!

  • And this guy peed on it.

  • Donny, please.

  • You know, this is the fucking guy--

  • I could find this fucking lebowski guy.

  • His name is lebowski?

  • That's your name, dude.

  • This is the guy

  • Who should compensate me for the fucking rug.

  • His wife goes out

  • And owes money all over town,

  • And they pee on my rug?

  • They pee on your fucking rug.

  • They pee on my fucking rug.

  • Walter: That's right, dude.

  • They peed on your fucking rug.

  • This is the study.

  • As you can see, the various commendations...

  • "jeffrey lebowski."

  • Honorary degrees, etcetera.

  • Hmm, very impressive.

  • Oh, please feel free to inspect them.

  • Hmm? Oh, no, I'm not really that--

  • Oh, please, please.

  • That is the key to the city of pasadena,

You're like a child

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He Peed On My Rug - The Big Lebowski (2/12) Movie CLIP (1998) HD

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