B1 Intermediate US 1979 Folder Collection
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When we first launched the 3Doodler,
we ask the world to imagine the pen that can literally draw in the air.
Two years on, we've made the world's first 3D printing pen even better.
With the new and improved version that slimmer, lighter, quieter and even easier to use.
The 3Doodler heats then rapidly cools plastic,
allowing instant 3D creation.
And with no software or computers, the possibilties are limited only by your imagination.
We've shipped over a hundred thirty thousand first-generation 3Doodlers.
And our communities used them to create amazing things.
From jewlery to RC planes, fully 3Doodled dresses, architectural models and even writing braille!
It was because of the support of the Kickstarter community that we were able to make 3Doodler dream a reality.
To say thank you, we've decieded to bring 3Doodler 2.0 to you first.
Completely re-designed from top to bottom,
and housed in a sleek aluminum casing.
The new 3Doodler is a result of over a two-years of research and development.
All aim to giving you the best 3Doolding experience possible.
The new 3Doodler is also packed with loads of enhancements,
making it smoother, slicker and easier to use than ever before.
We're also releasing exiting new accessories.
Including the JetPack, a portable power pack that gives you the freedom to 3Doodle on the go.
To help "kickstart" creativity in the classroom,
We've created a special educational bundle,
completed with pens, plastic, accessories and curricular materials
which you can send to any school, library and Makerspace of your choosing.
If you can draw, write or wave a finger in the air, you can create a 3Doodler.
Our community website has hundreds of projects and stencils that you can download for free.
And it's filled with how-to videos and images of an inspiring creations from around the world.
So, when would you get your new 3Doodler?
We'll start delivering to our first backers in a few weeks.
And the majority of you will be 3Doodling by Apirl.
We can't thank you enough for joining us on this amazing journey.
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3Doodler 2.0 Launch Video - The World's First 3D Printing Pen, Reinvented (Official)

1979 Folder Collection
曾郁婷 published on May 26, 2015    曾郁婷 translated    Lily Chou reviewed
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