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My name is Tommy and this is Click, my mouse.
I am very curious and have many questions –
some that even my parents can’t answer.
But Click can because she knows the big internet search engines,
which tell her all about space, dinosaurs, Spiderman,
and even battles between dinosaurs and Spiderman in space!
When I want to look for something,
I type in my question and get all kinds of information.
Most people click on the first link they see
– that’s why companies pay a lot of money
to be in a tiny yellow box on top of all the other search results.
Every time Click goes there, the search engine earns cents.
When gazillions of people click on these links every day,
the search engine earns even more cents than my piggy bank can eat!
Click says that to give all these people the information they are looking for,
the search engine saves everything on super-storage bins called servers.
These servers need energy, which is generated by powerplants.
And these powerplants create a gas called ummmm... 2CO? Oh yeah! CO2!
In fact, they make more of it than all of the airplanes together!
Too much of this gas is making the planet very sick.
But there is someone who can stop this sickness
– not spiderman or the dinosaurs – but trees!
They eat the CO2 to grow up strong and give us clean oxygen
which I need to grow up strong.
Like every superhero, though, the trees are constantly under threat.
Thank goodness that Click told me about a way we can use the Internet to help the trees!
She said that by using a search engine called Ecosia,
we can get the answers to all of our questions,
and help the trees at the same time!
See, Ecosia donates most of the money it earns to protect the rainforest,
where the biggest and most beautiful trees are.
You can be a superhero too by using Ecosia and sharing this video with all your friends!
Together, we can use the awesome power of the web to make the Earth well again.
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Ecosia: Superheroes of the web

2568 Folder Collection
Maggy published on May 25, 2015
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