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Ciao everyone here it's Marchettino, today I'm visiting my friends at Lamborghini Miami.
They've kindly given me the access to their cars so I wanna take you for a tour in their 2015 Lamborghini Huracan.
The model that you see here is finished Nero Nemesis (matte black)
with black Mimas 20-inch forged wheels, pretty badass configuration if you ask me.
I don't know why many people dislike the design of this car.
Just like any Lamborghini, also the Huracan is named after a Bull which throws fear from any angle
and with this paint the edges are even more sharp.
This is the key, let's open it!
Right, here we are inside the Huracan!
Black alcantara and leather are the dominant elements in the cockpit,
love the contrast with the orange stiching.
The clutch pedal has become a distant memory,
now the gears can be changed only through the paddles behind the steering wheel.
Near the pedals there's a little button that gives you access to the engine.
For a cool 5000€ you can opt for the glass engine bonnet and the beautiful engine bay made in carbon fibre.
So here's the 5.2L V10 just behind me.
The car that I'm filming is fitted with the factory option *Race exhaust. This is the key,
let's make some noise!
I love this, it's like a jet fighter!
Just listen to the difference when you put it in Corsa mode!
In Corsa mode, the gas flow of the exhaust bypasses the silencer and basicly it becomes a straight pipes exhaust!
The engine is still cold so let's wait a little bit before to rev it up!
Ok so, as you can see it doesn't have anymore the rev limiter up to 6000rpms,
that means that now we can rev it up!
Absolutely amazing exhaust note, it really sounds like a racecar!
I think that every Huracan should be fitted with this exhaust because it sounds amazing!
Love the way also how it pops and crackles, it really sounds menacing!
But if you want to travel, the noise is not the real problem because
just like most supercars, even the Huracan suffers a tiny boot.
I don't know how they managed but actually the capacity is even smaller than the Gallardo's.
I wanna say thanks to Lamborghini Miami for allowing me to shoot one of their cars,
I hope you guys did enjoy the tour, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more
and as always thanks for watching, ciao!
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Lamborghini Huracan - Overview and LOUD Race Exhaust Sound!

1402 Folder Collection
Hsiu YI Huang published on May 24, 2015
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