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  • Punch him right in his face.

  • Hello.

  • Hey, hi there, can you let me in?

  • How bout you let me in.

  • Please, I won't hurt you.

  • Maybe I am turning into the monster here.

  • Why do I always ruin everything?

  • I just want this to be a nice, normal operation with.

  • Kill it with fire.

  • >> All right you bastard kiddies.

  • I've had it up to here with you guys.

  • [NOISE]

  • >> Oooh.

  • Hi.

  • I'm an SCP now.

  • S-C-P.

  • M-A-R-K-I-P-L-I-E-R.

  • The most lethal SCP around.

  • [SOUND].

  • [SOUND].

  • I'm not actually lethal, I just like to pop out of walls and go [SOUND].

  • Ah!

  • I almost walked right into that.

  • [SOUND].

  • Well, I'm just the biggest idiot that ever existed in the entire world.

  • I'm so stupid.

  • I never even bothered to try and jump.

  • What kind of moron am I?

  • To my one million fans, thank you.


  • >> Until you detect something moving in front of the light.

  • Casting a shadow over you, you blink.

  • Beginning to turn.

Punch him right in his face.

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