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I was like, "Sup, can I buy you a drink?"
Something I say in English all the time.
Can I get you another drink?
Another drink?
I feel like it's a lot of easier pretending to be sexy in other language, cause I have no idea what I'm saying.
Whereas if I said that in English, I would be immensely uncomfortable.
So if you ever go to Brazil, that's what guys would normally say.
What's up, cute girl?
Is that "Yo girl, you wanna bang?"
How would I say you're beautiful?
You are very beautiful.
Oh God.
You are very beautiful.
It sounds like I just called you a ho.
Ho means "you are."
(Hindi) means beautiful.
You are promiscuous.
So you can say (French).
Like you're an angel fallen from the sky.
Oh my God, it's beautiful. I don't know if I can say that though.
You're an angel fallen from heaven.
Okey, I don't have it.
You're an angel fallen from heaven.
So you do (inaudible). Let's go.
Hey girl, what's up?
Ok, you need to go back. Can you... one more time?
You can, I know you can.
Pronounce it, give me...
Hey girl, what's up?
It means like, "hey girl, how're you doing?"
Hey girl, what's up?
Yeah, maybe a little...you know.
Hey girl, what's up?
I'd like you to teach me how to pick up a girl in Spanish.
What's up,cutie?
Yeah, it means like "what's up, cutie?"
What's up, cuite?
That's good, I'm gonna use that one. For sure.
Pretty girl.
How do you say your leg must be tired? Cause you've been running through my mind all day?
Like this (punch)
Can I tell you, so I went to Israrel and made friends there.
And they taught me all these phrases without telling what they meant.
And the phrases they had been repeating to everyone was "so do you live alone?"
The worst thing to do. I can say that. Yeah great.
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Americans Learn Foreign Pickup Lines

41118 Folder Collection
廖詩愉 published on May 24, 2015    廖詩愉 translated    Lily Chou reviewed
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