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I feel strangely connected to bikers.
Even if we don't know each other, even if we're from different areas...
Or even different countries, there remains
a connection. I love of two wheels
that we share. The images that I'm going to show you today are disturbing.
They've put me in a depressed state. But i cant...
run away from this. This is an issue
that we need to tackle, head on. Superbikes are
fast and everyone knows that. but they're also bought by the affluent
they can spend around a million rupees
on a motorcycle. Surely they can spend
a hundred thousand on riding gears. Just
10 percent of the bike's cost. Even if you're riding a Duke 200
at ten to fifteen percent of your motorcycle's cost
you can get full protection and the same goes to our brothers riding
Honda CBR or Yamaha R15. Please consider this once
if you can spend a hundred and fifty thousand rupees
on a motorcycle, can't you spend at least
15,000 on riding gear. This
is a matter of your life. The victim here
has his and completely protected but a helmet
is not enough. His body sustained severe injuries
killing him. Even the pillion rider is
dead. If you're watching,
Vow to wear complete riding gear.
Set the correct example for others to follow.
Telling other people to wear gear
has minimum impact when you,
yourself don't follow it. I've seen a fully geared rider
back-flip on a Duke 200 and
land face first but he was completely unhurt
and got up to win the Orange day race. Riding gear
can make a great difference. Every time
you step out on a bike it could be your last ride.
Always remember that.
One day we will
all ride together in the twisties of heavens.
But till then, make sure that we stay here
for as long as possible
Rest in peace...
Unknown biker. Let me know in the comments section
if you have ever lost a close one in an accident?
Thanks for watching and hopefully I'll see you very very soon...
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Yamaha YZF-R1 Crash in Chennai India 2 killed! important safety message

1900 Folder Collection
劉嘉文 published on May 21, 2015
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