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Wait, is there any game?
No, there's not. That's boring.
It has Trivia. I am playing that. I don't care if you guys won't let me. I'm playing.
There's Uber. In case I wanna leave fast.
There's a microphone. Yay!
What's up Benny? Whoo~
Oh, "what's up buddy."
(Ringing) You're calling me.
It does not sound like you.
What is going on?
You're on the phone with a watch.
I'm hanging up, bye bye. Bye.
Apple Watch.
How do you know about it?
We saw it on the news and I was like, "Oh that's kind of cool."
It's all over the news and how expensive it is.
I'm holding something really expensive, guys.
So it's made from Apple who also make Iphones.
Yep. And you know what a smartphone is, right?
Yep, I'm putting it on.
So that is a smart watch.
Woo~a smart watch.
What would you expect a smart watch to be able to do?
The same thing as a smart phone.
Play games. But it's just a watch, I wouldn't really want it to play games.
I don't know, really. I didn't see that commercial exactly because that was an ad.
And who likes ads?
So with this Apple watch, a lot of functions will not work unless you also have an iphone5 or later.
Really? Wow~that's terrible.
Now, it's useless. If you forget your phone, you just have the watch on like, "what're you gonna do?"
You waste all of your money, and you find out you don't have...you need to have an Iphone, it like
dreams crushed.
So do you think there is a need for this device?
I really don't think that you would need this, if you have your phone with you.
Yes. If you're walking in the street like on the yellow line, instead of stopping and the car honk at you, and being so rude
you can just go ... and then you start walking.
So how much would you pay for something like this?
My dad would say 5 dollars.
Hundred two hundred bucks.
Two hundred and fifty-one dollars.
Probably like four hundred dollars.
Five hundred dollars?
Not a thousand dollar, but somewhere around nine hundred.
$50? Cause I really don't need it.
Well the cheapest model goes for $350.
You can get the solid gold one for ten thousand dollors.
I'd like the solid gold thing, that'd be cool, but $10,000...
All I need is a picture of it.
It's not like I really really need it, it just looks awesome.
So really, you can just take a picture of it. Print out, tape it on your wrist. Bang.
You have it.
You know rich people are gonna buy it and then they just get more money. Rich people are gonna spend whatever they want to spend.
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16837 Folder Collection
廖詩愉 published on June 7, 2015    廖詩愉 translated    Blair reviewed
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