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As a cabin crew, the main responsibility is getting the passengers safely to their destinations.
Safety is the most important parts of our jobs and then there's a service.
The difference between Cathay and other airlines is other airlines can have the same fleet and serve the same food,
but with the different culture of people we have in Cathay, and how we interact with the people,
that's what makes us different.
In Cathay our cabin crew are from all over the world and everyone is friendly.
And we do share a lot of cultural differences, and we work really well together.
Outside of work I get times to exercise before and after my duty.
I do a lot of running and swimming because I always travel to different time zones every time,
so it's good for my health.
I also get to hang out with my friends and family.
My family support me being a cabin crew.
My older brother is also a cabin crew, and they're very proud of us.
To be a cabin crew, you have to be positive.
It's not as easy as most people perceive.
Sometimes it can be physically demanding, but I'll training health to prepare to work safely and effectively.
I still remember when I first started the training, it was totally new and unique for me with a lot of acronym terms I never heard of before.
You make friends with your classmates, and you help each other to study,
and the chemistry in the class is really great.
The training takes seven weeks to complete, and it's divided into two parts.
First is safety, and then the service, and get to do a lot of things.
We do real task like emergency exit from aircraft, emergency slide, and many other things.
This includes CPR, fighting the fire, and drills in swimming pool to learn about life jackets and life raft.
Throughout service training, we learn how to serve passengers, and how to handle different situations.
It's an experience like no others.
It's an intense seven weeks, but I really enjoyed it and when you start to fly, you start to learn with experience.
And you will learn a lot of new skills, and you will gain more social competence, and understand what our passengers need.
I'm proud to be the cabin crew for Cathay.
When people ask me which airline I work for, I'm very proud to say I work for Cathay Pacific.
because it's well-known premier airlines.
Cathay really takes you to the world because we fly to a lot of different places.
and when you finish where you can really explore the city.
To become a cabin crew, it's not just about traveling and doing the simple job.
It's all about passion.
If you have the passion for learning and meeting new people, it's gonna be an amazing lifestyle,
and you can make it your career.
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Cabin Crew at Cathay Pacific - Kidipop Li

8558 Folder Collection
Lily Chou published on May 18, 2015    Lily Chou translated    廖詩愉 reviewed
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