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  • ...and take a look!

  • - I'm Kristie. - I'm Tavis.

  • And we know each other because we're getting married in a month.

  • I'm not really nervous about the idea of marriage. I'm just ready for that already.

  • - Yeah, not anymore. Now we're a month out already, just ready to... - We're about to just like...

  • Get the show on the road.

  • We're gonna be able to show people this. Like our kids, you know, family. Like, "This is what I will look like."

  • My mom thinks this is the coolest thing ever, and she was like

  • but what a treat for us that we, 'cause we will probably be gone when you're that age.

  • And we'll get to see what you would maybe look like.

  • How cool!

  • Neat way to think about it.

  • Are you ready for this?

  • - Yeah! - Let's do it!

  • - Hi! - Hi!

  • I hope you look like this.

  • - Oh thanks. - You look fantastic.

  • - Ahhh! - What?

  • Yeah I'm gonna look just like my mother one day.

  • Oh my God! Okay, so I need to start using sunscreen. That's definitely it.

  • What are some stereotypes of this age?

  • We're going to have a pretty stereotypical life.

  • Oh we already have a rescued pit bull, and we drive the Subaru.

  • We'll probably have a couple of teenagers.

  • - Ugh. That'll be rough. - That'll be terrible, terrible.

  • We will be on the PTA. Oh God that sounds so weird!

  • And... take a look!

  • - Ohh! - How are you doing?

  • You've been in the sun!

  • Your eyebrows!

  • I'm pretty happy with the way that she looks here.

  • You look a lot older than I thought you would.

  • Oh I look like my grandma!

  • Oh my God!

  • I did not age well.

  • I hope I'm taking better care of your hair at this age.

  • Why are you getting so emotional?

  • I don't know.

  • I can't help but think about what the potential last 50 years were.

  • - Yeah.. - Like... to see her look like this makes me just think of where we've gone to be next to each other looking like this.

  • What would have happened in between?

  • We'll have kids and grandkids and so many stories.

  • Yeah, and we will be forgetting things, so many things.

  • - We'll have to take care of each other. - Yeah...

  • I don't know. It's just a really, kind of, affecting thing to see someone that you've known since 19, look in their 70s.

  • And imagine what life would be like then.

  • Hi. You look fantastic.

  • - Thank you. - You don't look a day over 75.

  • - Really? - You do, but...

  • Oh. Wow!

  • An incredible thing to see.

  • It's a pretty good head of hair.

  • - Oh my God. - What do you think?

  • I think I look pretty darn good! - I do, too!

  • Yeah. When I smile, I look like a very jolly old man. When I don't smile, I look like a stern asshole.

  • Do you think you'll still be sexually active?

  • - No, we'll be tired. - I'll still try.

  • - You probably will! - I'll still try!

  • What would be the last words you guys would say to each other?

  • Last words. That's really intense.

  • I don't know. I just... I guess I'll always just wanna make sure he knew how much I loved him,

  • and how important he's been to me.

  • You just made me a better person.

  • There's so many things that I couldn't be without you...

  • and will never be without you.

  • You should write these down, 'cause we're writing our own vows.

  • You can use them in a month.

  • I don't know. There's something like... strange... like comforting feeling seeing him this way.

  • Like, I don't know... I guess especially being about to get married, and embarking on all that...

  • It's like... I just... I can't be more sure that this is what I want.

  • - Feels weird. - It does.

  • Don't look at me.

  • Smallest lips to kiss...

...and take a look!

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