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  • I was a Biology and Science major.

  • I'm probably gonna get four right.

  • So I have a minute to do this?

  • Yeah.

  • How many problems are there? 60?

  • So one a second? How come that took me so long to figure that out.

  • Oh, this is hard already. Skip.

  • This is crazy.

  • Oh my God, I don't remember any of this.

  • This is chump shit right here. One times twelve?

  • Get outta here with that nonsense.

  • This is like Kumon from 5th grade all over again.

  • Oh! (Beep) Twelve times eight.

  • I wrote down something then I distrusted myself.

  • Shit, no, that's not it. I don't know what that one is.

  • I forgot how to write numbers.

  • Why is this so hard?

  • What?

  • Ah~~~

  • There's like no time.

  • Oh, I'm cooking now. Oh no.

  • Oh shit.

  • You literally just have to do it in like the order that you see it.

  • This is when you just gotta go.

  • I'm like skipping a lot of them. Just cause I don't know.

  • Ah~~~No~~~

  • Shit!

  • Oh my God, that's so fast.

  • Ok, I am happy with that. That's great.

  • I felt so dumb cause I like forgot what two times eleven was.

  • Fine. Because I don't... I haven't had to do multiplication like that since third grade.

  • 32 out of 60 ain't bad in a minute, in my opinion.

  • My parents might just spank me like five times instead of twenty.

  • Oh, that's still an F, but yay.

  • So that's better than half. The goal is to not embarrass yourself. Then I think I succeeded.

  • That's not great. I mean...

  • Yeah, I could have done better though.

  • My heart is very heavy right now.

  • I wrote 35 then I wrote 4, and I'm like no you idiot.

  • I did not mean to skip three times eight. That's easy. That's 24, duh.

  • All right, I'll take it. Eleven times zero is not 11.

  • I guess I still have some things to learn.

  • Shout out to Miss Hanson, third grade. She taught me well.

  • You have to know math. You should know your multiplication table.

  • You should know how to multiply, add, divide and subtract.

  • At least that stuff, you gotta know it. You gotta know it.

  • Keith Habersberger endorses math.

I was a Biology and Science major.

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