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I was a Biology and Science major.
I'm probably gonna get four right.
So I have a minute to do this?
How many problems are there? 60?
So one a second? How come that took me so long to figure that out.
Oh, this is hard already. Skip.
This is crazy.
Oh my God, I don't remember any of this.
This is chump shit right here. One times twelve?
Get outta here with that nonsense.
This is like Kumon from 5th grade all over again.
Oh! (Beep) Twelve times eight.
I wrote down something then I distrusted myself.
Shit, no, that's not it. I don't know what that one is.
I forgot how to write numbers.
Why is this so hard?
There's like no time.
Oh, I'm cooking now. Oh no.
Oh shit.
You literally just have to do it in like the order that you see it.
This is when you just gotta go.
I'm like skipping a lot of them. Just cause I don't know.
Oh my God, that's so fast.
Ok, I am happy with that. That's great.
I felt so dumb cause I like forgot what two times eleven was.
Fine. Becuase I don't... I haven't had to do multiplication like that since third grade.
32 out of 60 ain't bad in a minute, in my opinion.
My parents might just spank me like five times instead of twenty.
Oh, that's still an F, but yay.
So that's better than half. The goal is to not embarrass yourself. Then I think I succeeded.
That's not great. I mean...
Yeah, I could have done better though.
My heart is very heavy right now.
I wrote 35 then I wrote 4, and I'm like no you idiot.
I did not mean to skip three times eight. That's easy. That's 24, duh.
All right, I'll take it. Eleven times zero is not 11.
I guess I still have some things to learn.
Shout out to Miss Hanson, third grade. She taught me well.
You have to know math. You should know your multiplication table.
You should know how to multiply, add, divide and subtract.
At least that stuff, you gotta know it. You gotta know it.
Keith Habersberger endorses math.
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Adults Take A 3rd Grade Math Test

37457 Folder Collection
廖詩愉 published on July 17, 2015    廖詩愉 translated    少少 reviewed
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