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  • Chad!

  • Hey Jon!

  • The weekend is here!

  • I know! I’m so happy!

  • I am too!

  • Hey!

  • I was thinking,

  • how about you come over to my house

  • and we play some video games.

  • That would be awesome.

  • Hey, can I invite Allen to come with us?

  • I was thinking you

  • ….not Allen.

  • You mean Allen can’t come with us?

  • No.

  • In fact,

  • maybe we should go quickly

  • just in case he sees us standing here.

  • Come on, let’s go!

  • Allen.

  • Hi Jon.

  • Hey

  • How was your weekend?

  • Well, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.

  • What do you mean?

  • Well, this last weekend,

  • I invited Chad to come over and play video games.

  • and I told him I did not want you to come.

  • ...and I feel terrible about that.

  • I’m so sorry.

  • Will you forgive me?

  • I do think it’s important

  • for friends to forgive each other.

  • I forgive you Jon.

  • Great.

  • How about you and Chad

  • come over to my house this next weekend

  • and we can play some more video games.

  • That sounds good.

  • Great!

  • REAL FRIENDS forgive each other.


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