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  • You fat son of a bitch.

  • [soldier] Cover her!

  • Nice work, Mr Big Fatso.

  • I"m the man, l"m the man, l"m the man.

  • Barb, l"m gonna have to ask you to drop your weapons.

  • You"ll love this, Barb. Not only do I get the lenses,

  • but I get a million dollars bounty on you, and a million for the good doctor

  • for turning you in to the Congressionals.

  • Not to mention the 750,000 credit on the debit card.

  • [laughs]

  • Don"t you just love it when a plan comes together.

  • [Fatso continues chuckling]

  • The face may deceive, but the eyes never lie.

  • Do they, Dr Devonshire?.

  • Washington has been in such an uproar since you ran away.

  • I can"t tell you how eager we are to have you back.

  • Whore.

  • Chief Willis, arrest these people.

  • I had nothing to do with what happened to Charlie,

  • and l"m sorry.

  • - Don"t move! - Look out, she"s got a grenade!

  • Take cover!

  • Agghh!

  • Floor it!

  • Hang on.

  • Ah, jeez, we"re gonna die.

  • Oh, God!

  • Goddamn you, Willis, l"ll break you in half.

  • - How do I get on the plane now?. - If we survive this, l"ll kill you.

  • [gunfire, ricochets]

You fat son of a bitch.

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Barb Wire (8/10) Movie CLIP - Escape from Steel Harbor (1996) HD

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