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I imagine this is true for most people, but I grew up with Sesame Street. If there’s
ever been a better show for young children, I’ve never seen it. There’s a certain
magic to its characters that has really proven timeless. I mean, I had Sesame Street games
on the NES, and today’s kids? They get fully interactive episodes on their Xbox.
Little brats.
So obviously, the thing to point out about Sesame Street TV is that...this really isn’t
a game at all. It’s a collection of actual episodes and skits from Sesame Street, with
lots and lots of interaction worked in. So rather than having kids watch the show from
the couch, they can get up and actually be a part of it.
And when it works, it works brilliantly. I mean, Sesame Street as a show is perfect for
this kind of interactive back-and-forth because...that’s how the show itself has always been structured.
The characters talk to the kids watching at home and ask them to count and answer questions,
only the Kinect makes that interaction real.
Or at least, it makes it real...when it works. And as with just about every Kinect game we’ve
ever played, there were definitely a few times when it didn’t work.
So yeah, occasionally, we yelled and it didn’t hear us, we threw and it didn’t see us...in
fact, a bigger problem was that I guess I was taller than a kid should be, because there
were a few times I had to play from my knees for the Kinect to recognize me.
For such a potentially magical device, there are times when it’s anything but.
But again, the game makes the best of it, and it does some really amazing things with
Kinect. It puts you in the game, right next to these characters. And listen...I freaked
out about it, and I’m almost 30 years old. Your kid will probably lose their mind.
The crazy thing about Sesame Street TV is that...it’s more than just the game itself.
It’s almost, like, Sesame Street in its entirety on your Xbox. There’s also this
app that gives you access to more content than you could possibly imagine—from little
sub-episodes to subsequent seasons and actual clips spanning the entire run of the program.
I’m pretty hard on Kinect, but for something like this, the potential of the device really
shows. Honestly, it kind of boggles my mind. And makes me jealous of today’s children.
But hey, at least we had...Bonkers. Kids today will never know the wonders of a chewy, delicious
Bonker. They just have, what...talking to Elmo and playing catch with Grover?
Pfft. Whatever. It’s Kinect Sesame Street TV.
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CGR Undertow - KINECT SESAME STREET TV review for Xbox 360

1300 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on April 14, 2013
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