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Originally constructed as a fortress in the 12th century, the Louvre has dominated central
Paris ever since. After centuries as a royal palace and through many expansions and renovations,
the vast and ornately decorated complex of buildings was gradually given over to its
role as a gallery and museum from the time of Louis XV, with the first exhibition held
in 1750. This move accelerated dramatically during the French Revolution, although it
was not until 1981 that the entire complex became a museum, when the French Ministry
of Finance was moved from the site. The Louvre contains so many exhibits, collected over
so great a period of time, that if one were to view each for just a few seconds, it would
take many months to see all of them.
The striking, modern pyramid rising from the centre of the Cour Napoleon was opened in
1989 in order to improve visitor access and amenity. Its central location as the main
entrance allows visitors easy access to some of the most important parts of the vast complex.
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Louvre, Paris, France 1080HD

32631 Folder Collection
綾羅飄起 published on December 7, 2016    綾羅飄起 translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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