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  • I got onto the plane and then

  • everyone on the plane was already complaining.

  • Shouting at the flight attendant which

  • I don't understand how that helps the situation.

  • An hour later, we were allowed to

  • go back to the terminal instead of waiting on an

  • non-air conditioned airplane that wasn't moving.

  • A 2 hour wait at the airport plus another 2 plane ride later,

  • I arrived in the beautiful city of Bangkok.

  • First things first, after dropping off all my stuff at the hotel,

  • I went straight to the oh so famous weekend market.

  • I ate food, food, food

  • more food and even more food

  • and yeah, you get the point.

  • I bought a few things so I added the link to my

  • Thailand fashion, cosmetics, and food haul

  • in the description box so feel free to check it out later.

  • Afterwards, I went back to the hotel just to relax for a bit.

  • Alright, a quick little hotel room tour.

  • I went to a nearby mall and did a little bit of shopping

  • and being the food lover I am,

  • I ate some late night Shanghai food.

  • I was actually hoping to eat at an actual Thai restaurant but

  • this was the only restaurant open that late at night so itll have to do.

  • After I inhaled that meal, I strolled around the area and

  • checked out the cool street markets.

  • This is a massive supermarket called Big C.

  • It’s has everything youll need, ranging from cosmetics, to fashion

  • to fruits and snacks.

  • I ended the night with an epic Tuk Tuk ride back to the hotel.

  • My hair was all over the place.

  • What better way to start off day 2 than a nice filling breakfast.

  • I am all dressed up and I am now heading out to go to

  • the Grand Palace.

  • At night, I am going to a massage / spa place.

  • Despite the fact that it started raining, I still had a great time.

  • I can definitely see why this is such a popular tourist attraction in Thailand.

  • All the temples, large statues, and gold detailing was just beautiful.

  • Of course, you can’t not go to Thailand without eating at least one plate of Pad Thai.

  • And I order other dishes as well.

  • I'm at the post office right now and if you're wondering why.

  • The reason is because I

  • I just bought a postcard

  • I'm sending it to my brother and sister who are in Canada right now.

  • To make them jealous.

  • Just kidding. Just to tell them how much I miss them.

  • Yeah okay. Well, I'm sending it to them now.

  • Off to the next destination. But first,

  • I bought a really cute handmade souvenir for myself.

  • Next up is the reclining Buddha.

  • Fantastic. I actually had to wait 5 minutes for this guy to finish taking his selfie before I could get this shot.

  • After hours and hours of sightseeing,

  • I got a very relaxing 2 hour massage / spa at this Japanese themed Thai massage place.

  • I have never had my body cracked in so many different ways before.

  • I have to admit, it was uncomfortably good though.

  • After the massage, of course I went for food.

  • This local restaurant has been featured in magazines before so I thought I’d give it a try.

  • I didn’t find the food to be ridiculously amazing as everyone says,

  • but nonetheless, it was still good.

  • This is the end of day 2 so good night

  • and I guess good morning right away.

  • Day 3 is dedicated to shopping and eating.

  • I did a quick shoot outside which you can look at the photos on my blog as usual

  • and links are in the description box.

  • Okay, let’s start shopping now.

  • Personally, I think this mall is a must visit.

  • Every single store here, even the mall itself, is so unique.

  • The fashion pieces and window displays, even the lights here, are awesome.

  • Look at that!

  • I went for some food at a cool food court at a nearby mall.

I got onto the plane and then

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BANGKOK, THAILAND ♡ 泰國曼谷旅遊 vlog (eng sub) | SHERRY W.

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