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I got onto the plane and then
everyone on the plane was already complaining.
Shouting at the flight attendant which
I don't understand how that helps the situation.
An hour later, we were allowed to
go back to the terminal instead of waiting on an
non-air conditioned airplane that wasn't moving.
A 2 hour wait at the airport plus another 2 plane ride later,
I arrived in the beautiful city of Bangkok.
First things first, after dropping off all my stuff at the hotel,
I went straight to the oh so famous weekend market.
I ate food, food, food
more food and even more food
and yeah, you get the point.
I bought a few things so I added the link to my
Thailand fashion, cosmetics, and food haul
in the description box so feel free to check it out later.
Afterwards, I went back to the hotel just to relax for a bit.
Alright, a quick little hotel room tour.
I went to a nearby mall and did a little bit of shopping
and being the food lover I am,
I ate some late night Shanghai food.
I was actually hoping to eat at an actual Thai restaurant but
this was the only restaurant open that late at night so it’ll have to do.
After I inhaled that meal, I strolled around the area and
checked out the cool street markets.
This is a massive supermarket called Big C.
It’s has everything you’ll need, ranging from cosmetics, to fashion
to fruits and snacks.
I ended the night with an epic Tuk Tuk ride back to the hotel.
My hair was all over the place.
What better way to start off day 2 than a nice filling breakfast.
I am all dressed up and I am now heading out to go to
the Grand Palace.
At night, I am going to a massage / spa place.
Despite the fact that it started raining, I still had a great time.
I can definitely see why this is such a popular tourist attraction in Thailand.
All the temples, large statues, and gold detailing was just beautiful.
Of course, you can’t not go to Thailand without eating at least one plate of Pad Thai.
And I order other dishes as well.
I'm at the post office right now and if you're wondering why.
The reason is because I
I just bought a postcard
I'm sending it to my brother and sister who are in Canada right now.
To make them jealous.
Just kidding. Just to tell them how much I miss them.
Yeah okay. Well, I'm sending it to them now.
Off to the next destination. But first,
I bought a really cute handmade souvenir for myself.
Next up is the reclining Buddha.
Fantastic. I actually had to wait 5 minutes for this guy to finish taking his selfie before I could get this shot.
After hours and hours of sightseeing,
I got a very relaxing 2 hour massage / spa at this Japanese themed Thai massage place.
I have never had my body cracked in so many different ways before.
I have to admit, it was uncomfortably good though.
After the massage, of course I went for food.
This local restaurant has been featured in magazines before so I thought I’d give it a try.
I didn’t find the food to be ridiculously amazing as everyone says,
but nonetheless, it was still good.
This is the end of day 2 so good night
and I guess good morning right away.
Day 3 is dedicated to shopping and eating.
I did a quick shoot outside which you can look at the photos on my blog as usual
and links are in the description box.
Okay, let’s start shopping now.
Personally, I think this mall is a must visit.
Every single store here, even the mall itself, is so unique.
The fashion pieces and window displays, even the lights here, are awesome.
Look at that!
I went for some food at a cool food court at a nearby mall.
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BANGKOK, THAILAND ♡ 泰國曼谷旅遊 vlog (eng sub) | SHERRY W.

2467 Folder Collection
許大君 published on May 5, 2015
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