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What's up guys, Coby from Model Pranksters.
Today I am here with Hi-Rez. We're in New York City, we are going to show you how to order McDonald's like a boss.
Hope you guys enjoy the video!
You going? Go next.
I get two big macs. Okay.
Two apple pies.
Nah nah actually...
Let me get two big macs 'n two apple pies, a little bit of Sprite 'n a side of fries.
Let me get McDouble, let me get McChicken, hot sauce. Make sure that sh*t's kickin'!
I wanna McRib before I McPiss
Let me get a hash brown if it isn't lunch yet, if it is Imma be McSad and upset.
Let me get some nuggets too. I want a bundt cakes, and a parfait, two of them, I really had a hard day.
Let me get a McCafe, Latte, and a couple hundred large shamrock shakes, powerade, Hi-C, ranch snack wrap on the side, please.
Let me get a burger with a slice of cheese, but no onions and pickles, so hold that please.
I want a McFlurry, two of those, one MM, one Oreos
I want everything on the dollar meal n' a burger with jalapenos.
Let me get a snack wrap for my backpack, better not tax that, add duck sauce no Aflac
Taking everything to go so pack that in a black bag Hi-Rez eatin' all the flapjacks.
Did you get all that?
Hope you guys enjoy that video, make sure you subscribe to High-Rez.
The week will be at the end to this video into the top with a description.
You don't wanna miss him.
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How To Order Mcdonald's Like A Boss!

108810 Folder Collection
Blair published on May 7, 2015    Blair translated    Wendy reviewed
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