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(mouse clicks)
♪ (dramatic chord) ♪
♪ (dramatic chord) ♪
♪ (dramatic chord) ♪
(arguing in Japanese)
What are they holding onto?
I already love this.
(arguing in Japanese)
Oh my god.
Are they pulling a nose hair or something?
Shampoo, obviously.
Japanese commercials, they're always so weird.
- Is this Japanese? - Yes.
Why are they the coolest people on the planet?
They are.
♪ (Super Mario Bros. theme) ♪
Oh, Mario. Now you're speaking my language.
New Mercedes.
I want that car straight away.
So genius.
Mario got an upgrade.
- He's so buff. - Yes!

That was awesome.
- That was cool. - I like that.
He was kinda hot.
What do you think about they used Super Mario Bros. to sell a fancy car?
Well, Americans don't take video gaming seriously.
If they played this, sales through the roof, guaranteed.
They're stuck in a toyetic era where they think video games
are marketed to children and it's all for kids,
but we've grown up playing video games.
Video gaming in Japan has a very different social aesthetic
than it does here in the US.
There's the perception
that business people don't play video games out here.
Which is a lie! Which is a lie, car companies!
In America, they would never use
a character like Mario to sell something like a car.
Why do you think America
does not use video game characters to market other products?

(laughing) He steps on the kid.
What is that?

What is this?

This is just creepy.

- Justice! (speaks Japanese) - Justice!
Old Spice.
Can you try to break that one down?
No idea.
I have no idea.
Some little boy was hungry.
And then a lemon came and stepped on him.
People in white dancing was my favorite part.
- It was great. - They looked like little sperms.
And then we're out in outer space
and we're fighting space demons.
There's a buff guy.
Get it. Add water. Microwave. Granddad will serve it to you.
You can fly.
So this one really confuses Americans.
(Finebros) Are you able to explain the commercial?
Oh. Okay.
(speaks Japanese)
♪ (people singing in Japanese) ♪
Oh my god.
Is this like a Japanese Super Bowl commercial?
I got to be a part of the team making this stuff.
- (shouting in Japanese) - Wow.
♪ (singing in Japanese) ♪
- Oh, soy sauce. - (announcer speaks Japanese)
Is that what that was? Soy sauce?
Is this some type of soy sauce?
That is the most exciting soy sauce I have ever seen.
(Finebros) All of the non-Japanese YouTubers
thought it was soy sauce.
(imitates gulping) No, no, no, no, no.
(speaking Japanese)
- (yells) - Oh no!
- ♪ (woman sings jingle) ♪ - (laughing)
- Aah! - ♪ (woman sings jingle) ♪
(laughs) This is the best one.
(couple screams)
- ♪ (woman sings jingle) ♪ - (laughs)
Was that date rape?
- (man yells) - ♪ (woman sings jingle) ♪
(man groaning)
- (wrestler yells) - Oh, luchador.
- ♪ (woman sings jingle) ♪ - (speaks Japanese)
♪ (woman sings jingle) ♪
Dude, I need one of these.
Oh, he's got that six-pack doe. Okay.
Why was he wiggling his glasses? (laughs)
Dude, is that like a pickup line? "Hey, girl."
These chairs are also Wonder Core.
- Yeah right. - (chuckling)
♪ (imitating jingle) ♪
(Finebros) You made a parody of this?
(all affirming)
(knob clicks, flames whoosh)
Seems normal so far.
- (sizzling) - Pancakes?
"100 Japanese maids."
♪ (spunky music) ♪
Oh yeah.
♪ Bacon pancakes, makin' bacon pancakes ♪
This is like every man's dream.
Oh yes.
Ooh, good catch.
♪ (beatboxing along to commercial) ♪
Oh, ninja roll!
Hugh Hefner has nothing on this dude right now.
♪ (maids singing) ♪
Why'd they put it on his head? (laughs)
- (in video) Good job. - (snickers)
I did not see that coming.
(in video) Good job.
- ♪ FlavorStone! ♪ - (laughing) What?
Why did he say it twice?
(Finebros) Why at the end did he say in English "good job" twice?
Your guess is as good as mine.
Maybe "good job"'s just a-- (chuckling)
Everybody understands it.
♪ (dramatic chord) ♪
(Finebros) All right. So we just showed you
a bunch of Japanese commercials.
What do you feel about Japan from seeing the commercials?
We are awesome.
I feel like, "Yay, Japan!"
I love the Japanese culture
and just their approach on everything.
Confused. Intrigued. Weirded out.
There's a gap there that we don't understand
and isn't translating through the language barrier.
(Finebros) Were you aware that, in other parts of the world,
Japanese commercials become very popular?
(Finebros) A lot of people in America
find these commercials to be so strange.
Do you consider these to be weird,
or are they normal commercials?
(Finebros) What are your thoughts about
something being considered weird in one place
but normal somewhere else?
I think it's conditioning.
We're all products of programming of our lives and culture.
Anything that's outside of that programming,
it becomes weird and you try to make sense of it
within the rules that you've been fed
as opposed to opening your mind and embracing it
as a whole new concept of something different and fun.
(Finebros) Is there something from America
that you consider very strange
or you don't understand about our culture?
"Next. Beep. Next. Beep."
(Finebros) So we're actually going to be having
- Japanese YouTube stars in this episode. - Awesome.
- Fun. - Fun.
(Finebros) What do you think they're gonna think
of all of the non-Japanese YouTubers' reactions to this?
Oh, they're gonna be like,
"Why are they so amazed? It's just a normal commercial."
They have to know that it's sort of strange.
Sort of strange.
We are gonna get so judged.
They're gonna be like, "Oh yeah! This makes perfect sense."
(Finebros) So when we showed these commercials
to the American YouTubers, how do you imagine they reacted?
- Ha ha! - (chuckles)
- Yeah, ha ha! - Ha ha ha!
Ha ha!
- Oh! - Oh!
Muchísimas gracias a todos
por ver este episodio de YouTubers React.
(speaking Japanese)
- We are... - (all) MEGWIN TV!
- Ha. - (speaking Japanese)
♪ (dramatic music) ♪
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YouTubers React to Japanese Commercials #2

9881 Folder Collection
張寶敏 published on May 5, 2015
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