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  • Do you know what a fable is?

  • It's a short story that teaches a lesson.

  • It's simple, but memorable

  • perhaps because the characters are usually animals

  • or other things found in nature.

  • Our reading is written like a fable...

  • with a story about fighting

  • and making peace.

  • The verb "provide" means "to give."

  • It always takes an object.

  • You provide things that are useful.

  • So someone can provide useful things for others.

  • Another verb is "rose."

  • "Rose" is the past tense of "rise."

  • The three forms are RISE - ROSE - RISEN.

  • This is an intransitive verb.

  • It doesn't take an object.

  • Listen for ROSE and PROVIDE.

  • Besides these two verbs,

  • I also want you to listen for the expression

  • "voice of reason."

  • "Voice of reason" refers to an idea or opinion

  • that makes sense.

  • It's logical and it's wise.

  • A person can be considered the voice of reason.

  • So we need to hear the voice of reason.

  • We need to listen to the voice of reason.

  • In our story, a little plant was the voice of reason.

  • The big sun and the large storm clouds

  • actually stopped to listen.

  • What about us?

  • Do we always stop to listen to the voice of reason before we act?

  • Does it depend on where that voice is coming from?

Do you know what a fable is?

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