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  • Jack? What?

  • How much further you think we have to go? None of your fuckin' business!

  • l'm gonna have to go to the bathroom.

  • Shut the fuck up!

  • Did you ever have sex with an animal?

  • Remember those chickens around the lndian reservation?

  • There's some good-lookin' chickens there. You know, between us.

  • There were a couple there l might have taken a shot at.

  • What's with you and that watch?

  • You said when you got to know me better.

  • You told me about your feelings for chickens.

  • How private could the watch be? What's the big secret?

  • Gail bought me this watch. She gave it to me.

  • lt was the first thing she ever gave me.

  • She bought it because l was always late by at least a half an hour.

  • So she bought it and set it ahead a half an hour so l'd never be late.

  • ln the back of my mind l keep thinking we'll wind up together.

  • l don't know why l'm still hanging on. l'm still waitin' around.

  • l don't think she's comin' back.

  • Yeah, l don't either.

  • l don't either.

  • Sometimes you just have to let go.

  • Just get yourself a new watch.

  • You're okay, Jack.

  • l think...

  • ...under different circumstances...

  • and l...

  • ...probably still would've hated each other.

  • We probably could've been friends.

  • ln the next life.

  • Yeah, the next life.

Jack? What?

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