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Hey Youtubers! It's Charlie. This is gonna be my Flash episode eighteen video:
'All-Star Team-Up'
We get to see Emily Kinney as Bug-Eyed Bandit - the character from the comics and we
got a whole lot
Ray Palmer Superman jokes. Speaking of which too, there's going to be
a Batman versus Superman teaser that's supposed to post Thursday morning.
If that ends up happening, I'll do a video for it so just keep your eyes peeled.
There's a little more information on what's going on with the trailer, I just explain
that at the end in this video.
Just careful for spoilers in the episode if you haven't seen it yet.
Starting with top five moments.
Number Five. Eddie is now part of Team Flash.
That whole ride along part of the episode was so much fun!
Just so nonchalant with the way the three of them were solving crimes.
Eddie seemed a little flabbergasted. It was hard to tell
if he was a little bit jealous. I don't think. I think he was just surprised at
how quickly they were doing things.
He's still pretty fresh on the idea that Barry is the Flash so I think he's
still getting used to it.
Iris got suspicious later just because he'd stop so many crimes.
And yes I think that she'll figure it out on her own. I think they'll give that to her.
Lois Lane figured out who Superman was in the Man of Steel movie. I think they'll do
the same thing with Iris. I think she'll figure it out on her own. No one will tell her.
I still feel like there's gonna be some consequences with all the lying
that's going on. There'll still be some fallout.
And Eddie has potential to be a season 2 villain.
But we'll see what happens with the character in the next couple episodes.
At some point the Thawne family
will have to become mortal enemies with the Allen family.
Whether or not that happens in this season remains to be seen. When your thinking
about that too, just think about how Slade Wilson started out
as Oliver's friend in season one then became the season two villain based on some
crazy stuff.
So I'm expecting Eddie to get the same type of arch. Onto number four though,
Felicity and Ray come to Central City. The way Felicity entered the episode was just
as theatrical as the way that Ray Palmer did it. You know maybe not quite as
spectacular, but
definitely as much fun. She was really on fire in this episode. You know usually
they give her a lot like the awkward comedy moments.
Most that actually came from Ray Palmer. So Ray Palmer was kinda like the
"True Felicity" of the episode.
Double entendres all over the place! And yes I do think that Barry is a little
bit jealous of them, but that's just because things are so shitty for him right now.
The whole reason that they came the Central City though is to fix the
propulsion system
on the A.T.O.M suit. That's the tech that they gave him. They didn't explain the
mechanics of it too well, but I do think that
did a really good job of showing how Ray Palmer just hasn't quite mastered the
flight system.
Like when you see how hard it is for him to fly into the back in the car.
It takes quite a bit to doing and it's not very graceful. I think my favorite line
in the episode though was when Ray Palmer came in and they had the
Superman joke.
"It's a bird." "It's a plane." "No, it's my boyfriend."
The A.T.O.M theme song that they play whenever he's flying around like whenever he was
fighting the bees later in the episode -
I think there were some cues from the original Superman score in there.
Onto number three! Felicity slaps some sense into Barry.
It's kinda fun watching Barry freak out a little bit. He doesn't know if he can
trust Caitlyn
or Cisco. Felicity slaps some sense into him and explains her early relationship
with Oliver in the way the he kept secrets from her.
She told Barry to just be honest with them. Did anybody else have flashbacks to
Arrow season one with all the Oliver/Felicity moments whenever he asked her to
do like for those funny hackers things!
"I knew the whole time but I did it anyway because I know that Oliver was a
good person."
Seriously, some of Oliver's excuses were pretty lame. And if you guys didn't know,
just some fun behind the scenes Arrow stuff: Originally the Felicity character
wasn't intended to be a main character. She was just gonna come on as a guest star.
But she and Stephen Amell had so much chemistry that they just expanded
her part.
And she became a main character. Thankfully Barry takes her advice though
that what that last scene was at the end of the episode, where Barry
you know, pulls down his chart and explains that Harrison Wells / Reverse Flash
- same person. The best part that though with Cisco explaining how he remembers
Harrison Wells killing him in his dreams. That's going to take some explaining
so I'll explain the alternate timeline in just a second.
Onto number two! Meet the Bug-Eyed Bandit Brie Larvan.
In the comics Bug-Eyed Bandit is a male character, but he's typically shown up
in Atom's storylines. So that's why they used the character in this
Atom crossover.
They also roped in a lot of the themes of the Queen Bee characters from the comics too.
There's been several different versions of the Queen Bee in the new 52
universe. She mostly shows up in Superman stories.
She did say that "I am the Queen Bee of this hive."
But that doesn't mean that she is working with the organization HIVE
in the flare overs - in the Flash or the Arrow on TV shows. But I think that they might do
that in the future.
Emily Kinney - probably gonna be coming back next season. It just makes sense
that they were tied to HIVE.
if they're going to use HIVE on the Arrow show.
That hasn't been confirmed yet but people were saying that David Ramsey
unofficially confirmed that Felicity's father & HIVE were gonna be big things
in Arrow season 4.
Just because HIVE was involved with the murder of his brother, so like in all his
works together.
It just fits that they would put Emily Kinney with that group. That such a
good question,
Don't you think that if HIVE needed an evil version of Felicity,
it would be Emily Kinney's character? Felicity said that she's never had a
nemesis before, so if Team Arrow
is gonna fight HIVE at some point, it makes sense to give her a villain inside
that organization to go up against.
I just feel like you need to do that if your gonna make Felicity a bigger
character in future seasons.
I totally loved Emily Kinney in the episode, hopefully should come back soon
but onto my number one WTF moment. Team Flash
is now going to start going after Harrison Wells. As Tina McGee said
at the end of the episode, "Harrison Wells became a different person
the day that his wife died." Now we as the audience know exactly why that is,
but based on the teaser for the next episode, it seems like Team Flash is gonna learn
why that is too.
That doesn't necessarily mean they'll learn who Eobard Thawne is because there wouldn't
be any records of him in the past.
It is possible that Cisco could remember his name though if he could remember
the Reverse Flash killing him, then he might remember what he said too.
I know a lot of you are wondering how those flashbacks worked. Like how his
flashbacks to the other timeline worked.
I think what's gonna happen because it's actually a pretty big plot point is
they'll explain how he's able to remember that other timeline
in a future episode. If you remember, Harrison Wells said that when you change the
past to avoid something
really bad, time will find a way to replace that
event was something that's equally as bad. Like Cisco was killed by the
Reverse Flash
that was avoided. Cisco almost died in this episode because of the bee sting.
Did anyone else wonder if it was going to be like a literal near moment
that Barry was gonna vibrate his hands into Cisco's chest to defibrillate him that way.
I mean he just shocked him but because the Reverse Flash, like, literally stuck his
hand through his heart
I was wondering if Barry was going to do like a version of that too
to bring him back to life.
Barry's still learning about his powers so I'm still holding out hope that he'll like
phase, you know, his fist through the Reverse Flash at some point. On all great
crossover episode,
I love the karaoke joke at the end too. Like, "Aww. We're not gonna do karaoke?"
I'm expecting them to keep doing jokes like they said they're not going to do a
musical episode like that again
anytime soon. Even though I think that'll be their 'big shwarma moment'
like Avengers have shwarma, the Flash has Karaoke in dive bars.
I know I already asked you guys are that big question about Emily Kinney being
tied to the HIVE organization,
but because Amanda Payes character because Tina McGehee offered some help to Barry
Allen in this episode -
Do you think that the original Flash characters will help Barry defeat the
Reverse Flash before the finale?
We know about Oliver, Ra's al Ghul and Firestorm helping out, teaming up against
the Reverse Flash.
But what I'm wondering is if they'll call back to the original series and they'll
have like the original characters help out too
in some small way. So what's happening is next week will be another
crossover with
Arrow, you know, I don't explain it too much just because of spoilers so
be sure to subscribe to get that video. It's gonna be a lot of fun though! And I
know you're all wondering about the Batman versus Superman trailer.
So what's happening is you know I explained the teaser Thursday morning
hopefully that'll happen I'll make a video for it. It'll be awesome I'm sure.
April 20th is supposed to be the day that people will be able to go into movie
theaters to see the full trailer.
It hasn't been officially confirmed so just stay tuned for like a future video for
But there's also rumors that they're going to attach the trailer to
Avengers Age of Ultron so you be able to go to see Avengers 2
and the Batman vs. Superman trailer which is like
the best Nerdgasm Spring moment ever!
It's like the best way to start the Spring Big Blockbuster movie season.
There's also a new Star Wars Episode 7 trailer
that's going to come this week too because of celebration - Star Wars Celebration.
So I'll totally do separate videos for all that stuff you guys you don't even have to
ask! It's gonna be such a big
awesome thing. If you guys wanna follow me on Twitter and Facebook for updates
on all that big stuff, there are links down at the bottom to the description.
And thank you to everyone that's been submitting fan subs you guys are so awesome! ^_^
It's been such a huge help!
While you guys wait for Batman vs. Superman, Arrow - all those trailers
you can click here to catch up on Arrow and you can click here for all my Flash videos.
Thank you so much for watching everybody. Lets high five and I'll see you guys tomorrow!
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The Flash Episode 18 All Star Team Up - TOP 5 WTF and Easter Eggs

1269 Folder Collection
Chun Phil Lu published on April 28, 2015
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