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Alright Fitlifer, Drew Canole, mindset Monday you and me here right now, I'm excited you're
here. I've been thinking a lot lately, you know I went to this class yesterday called
access consciousness. And I learned this method called the bars method and I learned from
the teacher, her name is Dana and they do this and it was an incredible experience.
It reminded me of why I'm here, you know it's a class that you go to, to learn how to heal
more effectively, and the bar's a modality to do that, it's really a cool method, so
check it out. Regardless I want to share some stuff with you throughout the next few weeks
that I've learned from the class and it could be, I'm not going to show you the method,
because I'm not a bar's instructor, okay? I'm not going to teach you the way, if you
want help, you can get Donna Salvador, I'll leave her information below this video and
she's in San Diego so she can help you do that... what I want to help you with is to
get back to that point of your default state, in this particular state you feel like you
could create anything, it's almost magical right? We hear a lot of talk about miracles,
making miracles in your life, course of miracles, weight loss miracles, miracle this, miracle
that, how do you do it, how do you create things, how do you manifest things? So it
doesn't matter where you are right now in your life, whether you have the job that you
want, you have the relationships, you know, financially you're not where you want to be,
none of that matters. When I show you this method and it's so simple it's so freaking
easy. Actually you're going to wish you watched this video when you first came into this earthly
experience, it's about asking the right questions, so there's three questions that I ask myself
every single day and I want you to start doing the same thing. So if you have a pen and a
piece of paper handy, write this down and if you take nothing outside of this video,
but to ask yourself just one of these questions every single day, it's going to completely
change your life, I promise you that. So the first question is and I was talking to Dana
about this yesterday, it's not a statement because statements they end, they have that
period, they stop, they don't have any form afterwards, there's nothing that's created
on it, just a statement. A question is something completely different, we can question anything
and what happens is the universe starts to form people, places, circumstances events
around that question that you have, so the question that I find I'm asking myself consistently
is how can life get better, right? So you may have be having the best year, 2013's absolutely
amazing, you're loving it, everything else is going well and you can still ask that question,
how can you get better than this, how can my life get any better? And you can ask that
for any situation in your experience, how can my relationship get better than this,
how can my financial situation get better than this, how can my physical body get better
than this, how can my spirituality get better than this, so as you go through these questions,
you don't have to have an answer, I don't want you to have an answer, in fact I want
you to be still, cause in the silence that's when all-knowing comes, it's in that stillness.
They say that music is not created with the notes, the music is created in between the
notes and that's your life, so we're actually making music here. The music is what you're
going to bring in after this question's been proposed to the universe and to your subconscious
mind which acts like a magnet and begin that's omitted and start bringing things back in
without getting too [inaudible], that is the first question so write that down, start asking
that about every single aspect to your life, and just see what happens. Question number
two is what are the possibilities and it can be about anything again going through the
core fundamentals of your life, relationships, financial, physical, spiritual, emotional,
and any other aspect, creative outlet. What's the possibility of being more creative in
2013? What avenues are going to start showing up so that I can be the fullest expression
of this default state or my higher self that Drew is speaking of? Just ask that and again
be silent ask it every single day, throughout the day maybe put it in your phone, we all
have those little alarms on our smart phone, maybe you're reminded every 2 hours to ask
that question. Alright so question number three and this is the big one, are you ready
for this? I see you not yet, so I know you're ready for this. Question number three is what
would it take for this to show up and you can take this and replace it with anything,
okay? So what would it take for more money to show up in my life? What would it take
for a better physical demonstration of the body that I know I can have and the body that
I know I can be to show up in my experience, what's it going to take. Leave it, okay? I
don't want you, your rational mind, your monkey to search around for answers and I want you
to continue to write this, this isn't an exercise, this is just a question. What's it going to
take for this to show up and whatever you want, whatever that goal is you replace it
with this. I assure you that by asking these three questions consistently throughout the
day, throughout the weeks throughout this next year in 2013, you'll not only have an
amazing year, you my friend will have the best year of your life. If you ask yourself
those three questions consistently, I promise you, you're going to get amazing results in
2013; it's going to be the best year of your life. You want to add that statement to it
at the end after proposing those questions to this amazing universe, tell yourself this
is going to be the best year yet, over and over and over again, you know you've seen
my sticky note video write a sticky note, put it on your bathroom near, put it on your
computer, put it on your car, put it on the dollar [inaudible]. If you love this video
or you like anything about it at all, maybe you don't like me, maybe you're like 'this
guy's full of crap, I don't want to listen to this guy' but you like what I said, any
little aspect to this video whatsoever, I want you to give it a big old thumbs up and
do the exercise, okay? Do the homework, I'm not just preaching the deaf ears here, there's
a reason you're attracted to this information in your experience and I'd like to think it's
because you want to change your life, so ask yourself those three questions, remember where
in this together and I'm looking forward to your transformation in 2013.
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3 Questions That Will Change Your Life Forever

1504 Folder Collection
viencekao published on April 26, 2015
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