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I think what hurts the most is when you're young, and someone makes fun of the way you look.
Because you can't control that.
I've gotten shoved into lockers.
I was bullied by a small group of boys, like about three boys.
My friends always said I was kind of easy to make fun of, but it felt like it always came from a place of love, I hope.
When I was a little kid I was a little chunkier than everybody else and all the other girls, so people noticed that I was different
And they'd like to touch my stomach or point it out.
Today, I think I would say, in response to that, I think you meant, can I touch your six-pack.
A guy once told me that I would be much hotter if I had a bigger butt.
So my response to that guy would be, my butt does not need your approval to be fantastic.
I was a skinny kid, but I didn't really have a flat stomach.
I had a little extra baby fat that kinda hung around.
So they always told me that it looked like I had a little kangaroo pouch.
And to this day they still will mention it.
When I was growing up kids would tell me that I was adopted, because it's impossible for a brown girl to have a white mom.
Well, my dad is from India, so white plus brown is a lighter shade of brown.
Did you even listen during middle school science?
'Cause that's not how genetics work.
The mean comment I remember hearing about my body was that I had no butt.
I think many African American communities, having a big butt is very, like, it's looked up upon.
But it was really like that one comment one time that got me to realize, like, oh my God, something's wrong with my body.
To the person who made that comment I would say that, maybe I'm not your cup of tea, but my body is fine the way it is.
It was about two to three different bullies, and they just would all say I was ugly.
One of them specifically, whenever he saw me in the hallway, he would run the opposite direction, and just make like a huge scene about it.
People do that out of fear, they do it to fit in.
So in fifth grade, a boy who was in my class told me that I had fat thighs.
My response to him now would be that my thighs were not fat, they were strong.
Now I actually like think I have really great thighs.
The thing that I got teased most for was my mustache and my general body hair.
And my name is Fazeelat.
Fuzzy was a really easy nickname.
It's because of people like you who picked on me and hurt me, that I became as strong as I am today.
I feel bad for people that feel a need to bully other kids, 'cause it's probably just coming from a really dark place.
So instead of trying to fix themselves, they're just trying to make you feel bad about yourself and say mean things about you.
Work on being comfortable with your own body, and be around people that love you.
Don't let their words affect how you feel about yourself.
They're probably jealous of how pretty your skin is.
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Women Respond To Their Childhood Bullies

47622 Folder Collection
方姿淇 published on July 21, 2017    Faith translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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