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  • I heard a sound, and I did not know what it was.

  • I sought wisdom in the chalice, but there was none.

  • The sounds called to me and I knew them.

  • Human souls.

  • But where?

  • I brought myself to Sanctuary, where humans dwell.

  • But the souls did not call me from that place.

  • I searched the breath of creation..

  • .. always following the sound.

  • Always the sound.

  • And then I understood.

  • Pandemonium, where the worldstone once rested.

  • The souls swirl and writhe.

  • I now know the truth of mortals.

  • All paths lead to death.

  • The humans cannot be trusted.

  • They are born of angel and demon.

  • The souls of man show their potential for greatness.

  • They can stand for good like any angel in Heaven.

  • Or they can enact evil worthy of the lowest demon of Hell.

  • The power of such a choice should not rest in the hearts of

  • beings who are here for an instant...

  • .. then flare and die.

  • The humans are corrupt..

  • .. and are not worthy of the choice between good and evil.

  • All paths lead to death.

  • Whatever their struggles, whatever their triumphs..

  • .. they die.

  • That is wisdom.

  • A nephalem trapped the Prime Evil in the Black Soulstone.

  • This is the perfect moment to end the Eternal Conflict.

  • The demons are easy prey..

  • .. but the humans must be eliminated before they grow too strong.

  • The soulstone is the perfect weapon.

  • The Eternal Conflict will end.

  • Subtitles written by Enkeria. Thanks for watching!

I heard a sound, and I did not know what it was.

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