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The third season of Prison Break, an American serial drama television series commenced airing
in the United States on September 17, 2007. Prison Break is produced by Adelstein-Parouse
Productions, in association with Rat Television, Original Television Movie and 20th Century
Fox Television. The season contains 13 episodes, and concluded on February 18, 2008. The season
was shorter than the previous two because of the Writer's Guild strike.
Prison Break revolves around two brothers: one who has been sentenced to death for a
crime he did not commit and his younger sibling, a genius who devises an elaborate plan to
help him escape prison. The two brothers escape prison in the first season, but are hunted
down during the second season and ultimately Michael is recaptured and sent to a Panamanian
jail, Penitenciaría Federal de Sona, at the end of the second season. The third season
revolves around Michael's breakout from Sona with several other inmates.
For the season, three characters are removed, and four new characters are added as series
regulars. Filming continued to take place in Dallas, Texas.
Production Filming
Unlike many other TV shows, Prison Break was primarily filmed outside of Hollywood. The
first season was primarily shot in and around Chicago, Illinois. During the second season,
filming was moved to Dallas, Texas. Filming for the third season continued to be done
in Dallas, but the price tag increased to about $3 million per episode. Several of the
exterior scenes with Lincoln and Gretchen negotiating the escape from the Panama jail
were shot in the Casco Viejo quarter of Panama City.
Cast Main characters
Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrows Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield
Amaury Nolasco as Fernando Sucre Wade Williams as Brad Bellick
Robert Knepper as Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell Chris Vance as James Whistler
Robert Wisdom as Norman "Lechero" St. John Danay Garcia as Sofia Lugo
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe as Gretchen Morgan William Fichtner as Alexander Mahone
Recurring characters
Episodes Home media release
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Prison Break (season 3)

1111 Folder Collection
Odnoo Tuya published on April 21, 2015
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