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For the brothers at my side id be willin to die
Getting high all the time id be willin to die
We keep riding the streets me and my posse in crime
For whats left of my life id be willin to die
I been dying to try see this look in my eye First lesson in the street cant compete with
me Lookin hard little gangsta making me look
over my shoulder Bumpin a range rover with the bulletproof
glass Had to get that hook up some things in my
pastBound to catch up to me man I might not last
Makin suckas bleed lean out the window and blast
Don't try to sneak up man I think too fast I hope they come undercover man ill say self
defense Looking at my life I cant claim innocenceIt
came and it went much money been spent Many wigs been bent back and twisted with
the lethalTimes up game over aint no sequel Aint no such thing as evil its do or die
Gangsta hustler a piece of the pie Ever since I was a shorty on the corner drinking
40's Clockin mathematics movin weight like an addict
Had my boys posted up stoop one and twoIf some chickens walk by scoop two or one
Take out the back and then show em my gun Ice around my neck make you blind from the
sun What kind a high you need? Ill let you try
some son So many enemies anyone could be one
Come and try if you wanna die Ill make you wonder why I ride if I wanna ride
Kill you by the bedside don't you see im dead right
See the one that make the lead fly down at midnight
Sneakin up on suckas if you aint got the cash Say something son beat that ass with a flashlight
Run sucka run im the one with ammunition Dumb sucka dumb you got the wrong intuition
Bridge Come on and try If you wanna dieMake you wonder why
I ride if I wanna ride Kill you by the bedside
Don't you see im dead right Im the one that make the lead fly
Down at midnight
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willing to die prison break season 1 - Black toast music

1078 Folder Collection
Odnoo Tuya published on April 21, 2015
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