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  • - We're gonna get Kylie Jenner lips.

  • - To me, that just means like

  • really big, full, pouty lips.

  • And I feel like I have pretty thin lips

  • so I think it's gonna be a pretty drastic change.

  • - I've never thought about making my lips bigger.

  • - I am fascinated by Kylie Jenner's lips,

  • I want them very badly.

  • My lips, I've been told from some lovely people

  • on Instagram, are very thin apparently.

  • - Yeah, so she's kind of saying like

  • this is an alternative to getting lip injections

  • which seems like a good idea.

  • - I'm really intrigued to see why I need all this stuff.

  • - Okay, she's doing it like way up here

  • I feel like it's gonna touch my nose.

  • - Oh god.

  • - Got myself a little mustache.

  • - You're supposed to make

  • like a weird butt out of your liner.

  • - It's so off center.

  • Okay, I need to fix this.

  • - No, I could not imagine doing this every day.

  • - And then you kinda fill in a little bit.

  • - Who has time for this?

  • - I don't know if I like this.

  • - Okay so now,

  • we're gonna fill in everything.

  • Oh, and you have to make sure it's matte.

  • - So you can't use shiny lipstick

  • because it'll reveal your true lip line.

  • - Wait, mine looks so different from her.

  • - Like what if you have to eat something

  • or drink something, like, what do you do?

  • - Men like this, is this attractive?

  • - I am Miranda Sings right now,

  • I am her, this is it.

  • (laughing)

  • - This is scary.

  • - So you get your concealer and you put

  • a little dollop on this, like,

  • tiny-teeny angled brush.

  • - I don't know, I think she said to use

  • some foundation maybe to make it pop a little more.

  • - Oh my god, wait, this is literally the last step.

  • This is like, how it's supposed to look.

  • - This looks fake.

  • - I mean, the concealer is like mixing

  • with the pink, and like it's just an extra line.

  • - It's hard to tell what I look like.

  • Let me see from afar.

  • - I think maybe if I had a proper skill-set

  • I'd do it again, maybe.

  • - I can barely even do a cat eye.

  • - I mean like, I already have lipstick all over my face.

  • - I don't feel like I can walk out of here

  • and be like, check me out guys, like,

  • I'm totally me right now.

  • - I like makeup, I just wish I was better at it.

  • - I mean there's no way you can kiss

  • a guy, or a girl, or whoever you want to kiss.

  • - If I like went on like a date with somebody

  • or met somebody new and I took off my make up,

  • they'd be like, what the fuck,

  • like you're totally different.

  • - Just get plastic surgery.

  • - [Brunette Woman] How does she pose,

  • she's like, and looks like really concerned.

  • And like you put on those like really pointy nails.

  • - I have beautiful lips and no parental supervision.

- We're gonna get Kylie Jenner lips.

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