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- Hey, everyone!
My name is Tyler, and it is the:
- That was so late!
- [Both] 34th!
- (laughs) Friday video of the year.
So today I'm in London, and I figured while I'm here
I should probably meet up with some YouTubers,
so I met up with the Jack and Finn.
Say hello.
- [Both] Hi!
- Tell them about yourselves.
- My name's Jack.
- My name's Finn.
- And we're twins.
- The links to everything about them will be below.
You should check them out and subscribe
and follow, and everything like that.
They're fabulous.
- You're fabulous.
- Oh! - [Jack] Stop it, Tyler!
(Tyler laughs)
- The first time we met was at VidCon.
I saw these two, and I had been subscribed,
so I saw them like across the room at a party
and I was like, "Oh my god.
"I'm fangirling right now!"
I wanted to go over, so I went up to them,
and I don't know if you remember,
but I was like, "Hi, I'm a big fan!
"Can I get a picture?"
And I Instagrammed this, and all of you guys freaked out,
so I figured while I'm here in London
I should probably get together with them,
because it's meant to be.
- It's meant to be.
- [Jack] Hell yeah. - [Finn] It's beautiful.
- We saw you and we were like,
"Oh my god, it's Tyler Oakley!"
- Shut up.
- Yeah, shut uuup!
- So since these boys are unfortunately straight,
I thought I would teach them some of our culture,
and see if they know what's what
(laughs) in the gay community.
- It should be interesting.
- It will be fun, OK.
So first there's twink. (upbeat music)
Do you know what a twink is?
- Is it a type of sweet?
- N.... (laughs)
Okay, so you both are twinks, and--
- We're twinks?
- [Tyler] You're twinks. - [Finn] I'm a twink?
- Well, if you were gay, you'd be a twink.
- Like ♫ Twinkle, twinkle, little star-- ♫
- No. (laughs)
Like, more of like a young, cute, not like jock-ish--
- Gay?
- Yeah, if you're gay.
Like, you're serving twink realness.
(laughs) - [Jack] That's embarrassing.
- Are you a twink?
- No, I'm like a jock!
- Are you a jock?
- No, I'm not a jock!
- So there's twinks and jocks, is that how it works?
- There's twinks and there's jocks.
No, I'm a twink.
(laughing) I'm not a twink. - [Jack] You're a twink.
He's a twink, isn't he?
If I asked them, they'd say you were a twink.
- They would probably say I'm a twink.
There's also bears.
I'm assuming you-- - [Finn] I know about bears.
- What is a bear?
- I don't know about bears.
- They're fat gay people.
- No, they don't have to be fat.
- Oh, they don't have to be fat?
- Old gay people?
- No, they don't have to be old.
- Hairy gay people, like a bear!
- Hairy gay people.
- Oh!
- Fetish?
- No, it's not a fetish, it's just like,
you know what you like.
- So it's a preference.
- It's a preference.
Do you like blonds or brunettes?
- I don't think I'm that picky.
I judge on personality, though.
- [Tyler] Bye! - [Jack] Ah.
- So do I.
Do you know what Grindr is?
- Oh yes, that's the app, isn't it?
- And you can see how close the nearest gay is.
- Yeah, yeah.
Do you use that?
- I, I have one.
- You do, don't you!
- I don't use it to meet up with people.
- Hit him up on Grindr!
- Don't hit me up. (laugh)
- Just do it, just do it in London, let's see what happens!
- I'm only there for friends.
- Sure, yeah, sure! (laughs)
Have you ever met anyone through it?
- As a friend, yes.
- Such a lie!
- Do you know the work kiki?
- Is it like kinky?
- No.
- Wait, is it a person?
- No.
- Oh.
- So a kiki is a party that you have with your best friends,
so it could be like a slumber party.
It doesn't have to be a slumber party,
but it could be a slumber party.
- Do you have to be gay to have a kiki?
- No, you can have a kiki!
- Oh, I wanna have a kiki.
- You can have a kiki.
- Let's have a kiki!
- No, that's the phrase, "Let's have a kiki!"
If you're at a kiki, there are a couple things you might do.
You could possibly throw shade.
Do you know what throwing shade is?
- Uh, like taking off your clothes
and throwing them in the--? - [Tyler] Mm, no.
- Is it where you're really mysterious about something?
- No.
Throwing shade is like insulting them,
but in a way that's probably above their head.
- Do you have an example for us?
- Okay, so an example is Adele,
when she was talking about Katy Perry,
she said "I don't rely on tits to get my hits."
- Got it.
- So it's like kind of being bitchy and sly dig at somebody.
- I got it.
- Do you throw a shade?
- I do throw a shade, daily.
- Have you thrown a shade about us?
Come on, spit it out, say it.
- I would never, I would never!
- If someone throws you a shade, what would you say back?
Would it be like "Go away, you fuckin' (crosstalk)!"
- No, you need to reply and throw shade back!
- Don't you say that!
- So if you see somebody that's attractive, what do you say?
Like to your friend?
Like you see somebody walking by
and you see somebody attractive,
what do you say to your friend?
- What do we say? - [Tyler] Yeah.
- "She's well fit."
Yeah, or I just go (makes Tarzan noises)
Hubba hubba!
- (laughs) You do not!
- Yeah, I do! - [Tyler] Does he really?
- He'll do that in front of them, yeah.
- Hubba hubba.
- Does that work?
- No, it never works.
- It's not working on me.
- So what do you say?
- If I'm with my friend and I see somebody cute,
I might say to my friend, or Corey, my roommate,
I would be like "Oh, woof!" like, at that guy.
- Does that actually work for you?
Like "Woof! Woof!"
- You don't woof at them, you just sort of like, "Uh, woof!"
Like, "I would get that."
- "I would tap that"?
Would you say that? - [Tyler] I would tap that.
Or "I'd sit on that," like I'd sit on his face.
No, you don't say that? - [Jack] (laughing) What?
- No?
- You'd sit on his face? - [Jack] What?
- You've never heard that?
- No, if I saw a hot girl, I wouldn't be like
"I would sit on her face."
- Well, it's different, 'cause she would be having that.
Unless she were like, into that.
(laughing) This is the only thing you have to say!
- You might say "I'd like her to sit on my face."
Now we're talking.
- Okay, that's interesting.
Do you ever meow?
- No.
- Meow!
- Oh, like--
(laughter) - Meeow!
- No, do you?
- No, I can't say I have.
I'm tempted.
Give a little purr, like "Prrr."
- No.
(laughing) No, never!
So like you could woof in like a good way,
or like if somebody's like just gross,
you'd be like "Oh, woof."
So it's kind of throwing shade,
but like it's the intonation.
- It's the way you pronounce it?
- It's the way you say it. - [Finn] Interesting.
- "Woof!" or "Woof."
- No, no, no, it's not like "Woof!"
No, like "Woof."
- That's bad? - [Tyler] That's good.
- Oh, that was good? What?
- And then bad is like "Woof."
- They sound similar!
- Maybe it's just me and my friends.
- What if you accidentally got the intonation wrong,
and then it would be like, "Oh, you like--"
- No, you wouldn't, no.
If you were here with us for a day, you would get it.
- We would get it down.
- Interesting, I feel like I'm learning so much.
- Yeah, good, that's what I'm here for!
- Good.
- How do you learn this whole lingo?
Do you just like go to a school
where you learn all this stuff?
We'll have a kiki and all that, it all makes sense.
- That would be perfect.
And, of course, there's plenty more,
but I feel like you get like a gist
of the things my people say.
- Oh yeah, I like it, a sense of community.
- I'm down with it.
- Do you feel like you know?
- Yeah, we could have a kiki
and we could just discuss some more.
I'd be down with that, that's cool.
- Okay, maybe we'll do that tonight.
- [Jack] Okay, let's do it. - [Finn] Let's do it!
- So it's now time for us to teach you some of our lingo.
- [Jack] Hell yeah. - [Tyler] Okay, I'm ready.
- You ready for it? - [Tyler] I am!
Okay, so if you wanna see that, click anywhere here.
You can click here, or here. - [Finn] Click it!
- You can click your favorite twin.
- [Finn] Click it! - [Tyler] Or me.
And it'll take you to that, or the link'll be below
and you can check that out.
It'll be really fun, and it'll be on their channel.
So, awesome!
Okay, so I think that is everything.
Make sure you guys check out that video,
and I will have another video next week on next Friday,
but until then, have a good life, and yeah, bye!
- See ya later, girlfriend!
(coughs awkwardly) - Okay, great.
- [Jack] Something like that, see ya later, sister!
(laughter) - [Finn] Don't say that!
- [Tyler] Nobody says that! (laughter)
- ♫ I believe in love, after li-- ♫
- So you know Cher.
- Yeah, that I do.
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Twin Twinks Learn Gay Slang (ft. JacksGap) | Tyler Oakley

10223 Folder Collection
郭敏琦 published on April 19, 2015
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