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So, she might be a worldwide superstar, but Selena Gomez also makes time to help others.
Yeah, the 21-year-old had an eye-opener when she embarked on a trip to Nepal with UNICEF,
the charity of which shes an ambassador.
Selena was keen to visit south Asia in order to bring attention to Children in need within
the country and across the globe.
Say hi!
The singer also visited Gangaparaspur village and learned how the female community heath
volunteers are preventing death in children and mothers.
Residents also showcased their efforts to improve sanitation and hygiene in their community.
Is it good? What is it? What is she eating?
Wheat and rice.
The trip gave Selena the chance to see first hand how UNICEF's work focuses on education,
nutrition, health and protection.
Awh, she came on my lap! She's so sweet. Look, she just came and sat there.
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Selena Gomez is paying it forward! Selena visits Nepal on behalf of UNICEF

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甘之駿 published on April 17, 2015
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