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  • Hi I'm Craig. My large forehead sparkles like a diamond, and this is Mental Floss on Youtube.

  • Today I'm gonna answer Butterwitt's big question.

  • Why are white diamonds so expensive?

  • Well Mr. Butterwitt, a few things determine a diamond's quality therefore its price.

  • These are what the diamond experts refer to as the 4Cs, color, cut, clarity, and carat.

  • There's a fifth optional, which is Craig.

  • You asked specifically about color, but I'm gonna tell you a little bit about all of them because all four affect the diamonds' cost.

  • Let's get started.

  • Okay listen up fellows, I just proposed to my girlfriend and buying a ring was the hardest part.

  • This is important.

  • A diamond's cut refers to how symmetrical and well-polished the diamond is.

  • This is important because it determines how light reflects off of the diamond.

  • Unlike the other Cs, diamond-cut doesn't have a standardized grading scale.

  • Some of the most popular ones are the round cut, oval cut, princess cut, Mario-Luigi and Toad.

  • Currently round cut diamonds are more pricey because they're popular and more expensive to make.

  • So if you choose a white diamond in a different cut, it would be less expensive.

  • A diamond's clarity determines if it has blemishes, cloudiness, cracks, and so on.

  • This is the diamond's clarity scale.

  • If the diamond has scales on it, you got that diamond from a dragon, and I salute you brave sir or madam.

  • Ideally the diamond is flawless if you can't see any of that stuff under ten times the magnification. The higher the clarity, the more rare and expensive it is.

  • Moving on to carat, which describes the diamonds' mass.

  • One carat equals two hundred milligrams.

  • A diamond with a higher carat is more expensive.

  • Are you starting to see a pattern here?

  • As for color it has a scale as well.

  • A white diamond is known as colorless, which is ideal on that scale.

  • Why? Well, let me throw a fifth C at you.

  • Carbon. I threw Craig at you earlier but that's not real, so no...

  • Diamonds are completely made up of carbon.

  • A white diamond is pure carbon, which means it has no impurities, and then that means it's more expensive.

  • Most of the diamonds that are found fall lower on the color scale with a yellow or brown tint to them.

  • This is nitrogen, and even a small amount of it can change the color, making the diamond impure.

  • Once you go beyond Z on that scale, you reach what is known as Now I Know my ABCs.

  • No, fancy color diamonds.

  • As you probably know, some of the most expensive diamonds in the world are pink, red, and blue.

  • The dark blue Hope Diamond is worth over two hundred million dollars.

  • That's simply because these diamond colors are more rare and more expensive.

  • Thanks for watching Mental Floss on Youtube made with the help of these lovely diamonds.

  • If you have a question of your own that you'd like an answer such as "will you marry me," leave it in the comments below.

  • The answer to that one is no. I'm already getting married. Sorry about that.

  • See you next week!

Hi I'm Craig. My large forehead sparkles like a diamond, and this is Mental Floss on Youtube.

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