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The founder and chairman of China′s e-commerce giant Alibaba... has downplayed a U.S. lawsuit
hitting his company, spinning it as a public relations opportunity.
Last week, the American law firm... Robbins Geller Rudman and Dowd... filed a class action
suit against Alibaba for allegedly failing to disclose key information before its IPO
on the New York Stock Exchange. Speaking in Hong Kong on Monday, Jack Ma promised
he would face the legal action "actively and transparently."
"On one hand, this can let western societies better understand what Chinese companies can
do today, and how we operate. So for me, I think we should face this issue, and use this
opportunity to let the world better understand Alibaba, and better understand China, which
is a good thing. So on this issue, I believe my legal team can handle it.
The information in question includes communications between Alibaba executives and Chinese regulators
over concerns of fake products being sold on its websites.
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Alibaba′s Jack Ma spins U.S. lawsuit into opportunity 마윈 알리바바 회장, 미국 집단소송 사태 적

27833 Folder Collection
tina950429 published on April 15, 2015
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