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  • Counter-Strike is not your momma’s first person shooter. Counter-Strike is designed

  • to be punishing, to leave you begging for mercy, and never let up. It has always been

  • one of the most challenging games to get into, because the first hundred matches will leave

  • you absolutely demolished. Don’t think because you are good at Call of Duty, means you can

  • jump right into Counter-Strike and be a pro. Two completely different beasts my friend.

  • There are no perks or kill streak rewards here, just your own skill. And for its latest

  • release, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, very little about all this has change, if

  • any at all.

  • The game is an online experience. Sure you can play offline with bots, but that is just

  • practicing for the real fun online. Players are grouped in two separate teams, Terrorists

  • and Counter-Terrorists, depending on their skill. You then have to work together with

  • your team to accomplish a goal. In Defusal, Terrorists need to plant a bomb and defend

  • it until it goes boom while Counter-Terrorists need to find it and defuse it. In Hostage,

  • Counter-Terrorists need to rescue hostages the Terrorists have while the Terrorists need

  • to hold onto them. Whichever game mode you play, teamwork is a must. When you die, you

  • have to wait until the next round. Also the winning team is rewarded with more money to

  • buy weapons and armor with, so the winning side definitely gets an advantage.

  • But if these don’t suit your fancy, you can play the two other modes. Arms Race has

  • you starting off with a weapon and switching to another with each kill. And Demolition

  • sees you getting new weapons depending on how you play. Each mode is fast, focusing

  • more on short but fast games with multiple rounds. Which is a good time to think about

  • your mistakes, and also strategize for the next round.

  • But the number one most important thing about online shooters are the controls and how they

  • feel. Counter-Strike was, is, and will be, designed to be played with a mouse and keyboard.

  • If you are unfamiliar and playing with an analog controller, it will be tough and strange.

  • On the PS3, the game completely supports usb mouse and keyboard controls, and even move

  • controls, go figure.

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive keeps the series alive and kicking. Everything feels

  • great and plays even better. It doesn’t feel like most modern shooters, and because

  • of that I am grateful. It is a challenge to learn but the fruits of the labor are ever

  • so sweet.

Counter-Strike is not your momma’s first person shooter. Counter-Strike is designed

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