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I want to be fascinated,
by the world where the dream continues.
You were drowning
deeper than the sea.
It's nice to meet you.
The one I chased and grasped
was the cruel binary system.
I began to walk.
Oh, falling rain, don't stop!
For I'm in love.
My broken voice has withered.
For I cried out "I love you".
When I think about it,
our worlds have already missed each other.
It's all twisted-
the truth and my feelings.
It's all painted out.
Even though I knew it's all in vain,
I forced myself to smile.
Even though I'm already hurt.
Within the transmitted reality
contains happiness but also strength
The reason I can't stop my tears
is because my limbs hurt, they hurt.
The dropped knife
I can no longer grasp it.
Rather than such an ending, I'd rather become bubbles
and disappear, disappear...
I just wanted an "excuse", my prince.
I didn't need any miracle, my voice, or magical kiss.
Oh, such happy dream, don't disappear!
For I'm in love.
The noise of such a crybaby, should just disappear with the bubbles!
I know,
I had to stand up with these feet.
Both love and pain,
I want to take them all.
Oh, my feelings, please get through,
before the story ends.
My feelings, now
shout out "I love you!"
My feelings, now
shout out "I love you!"
I want to be fascinated,
by the world where the dream continues.
I was drowning
deeper than the sea...
It's nice to meet you.
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sasakure.UK - Little Cry of The Abyss feat. Asako Toki / 深海のリトルクライ

740 Folder Collection
趙晟竹 published on April 14, 2015
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