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  • Well, it’s a Looney Tunes game. And since I’m the office’s animation guru, I’m the one who gets to

  • play it. Sorry, did I say, “gets to?” I meanthas to.”

  • I’m the one who has to play it.

  • Suffice to say, Looney Tunes: Back In Action for the PlayStation 2 is a lot lessDuck

  • AmuckthanSee Ya Later, Gladiator.” Which is a cartoon nerd’s way of saying...this

  • game is not good.

  • So this thing was released to coincide with the 2003 movie, Looney Tunes: Back In Action.

  • Since Brendan Fraser is only tolerable when Rachel Weisz is there to distract everyone

  • from Brendan Fraser, I can’t speak to the quality of the film. But hey, I can speak

  • to the quality of this game. Or the, uh...the lack thereof.

  • Back In Action is a 3D platformer that at least starts with the right idea. The classic

  • Looney Tunes shorts almost always paired two characters together to play off each other.

  • And the best of all those combinations is, of course, Bugs and Daffy. Theyre Laurel

  • and Hardy on paper, Abbott and Costello in pencil. Alone, theyre brilliant. Together,

  • theyre freaking Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

  • And so, at least the game uses that to its advantage. You play as both characters simultaneously,

  • swapping back and forth between them as necessary. So theyre always together, which is a good

  • thing...but the writing is never funny.

  • Which is such a bummer.

  • And actually, what’s worse is that the concept never goes beyond, “Okay, here’s the Daffy

  • part, here’s the Bugs part.” So it just feels restrictive. The game never uses the

  • character pairing for gameplay that’s interesting or creative.

  • Or funny.

  • So Back In Action is sort of creatively void, right? It’s, like, as standard and paint

  • by numbers as it gets in terms of designrun around, collect coins, beat up tourists. That

  • would be one thing, but the execution is even worse. The controls are clunky and meh, the

  • camera is terrible...and combined, that makes good platforming and judging your jumps next

  • to impossible.

  • It’s not like this is trying to be some definitive Looney Tunes game or anything,

  • you know? It’s a licensed video game. You see Looney Tunes and you get excited, but

  • in reality, this is just another generic movie game that’s forgettable in its best moments,

  • clunky during its worst. And generally despicable.

Well, it’s a Looney Tunes game. And since I’m the office’s animation guru, I’m the one who gets to

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