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It's time for quick visualization exercise.
Spend the next few moments
imagining your ideal future.
perhaps thinking about your perfect partner or your dream job.
Unfortunately, you just decrease the chances of making your dream come true.
Researchers of the University of Pennslyvania have discovered that this kind of visualization
makes you think that life would be wonderful.
As soon as obstacles come along,
you quickly become discouraged.
Instead, it's much better to visualize what you need to do.
in order to achieve your goal.
So if, for example, you're studying for an exam,
visualize yourself revising, going to the library, or asking questions in class.
And so next time you want to achieve a goal,
visualize the process and not your dream future.
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How to achieve your goals

28222 Folder Collection
沈家后 published on April 15, 2015    沈家后 translated    Wendy reviewed
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