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If you're a user of London's Circle line, perhaps moving between Victoria, Paddington and Kings Cross St Pancras...
then since the 1960s you'll have been travelling on a train that looks like this.
But you might also be aware that beneath London's streets, something new has taken shape.
It is the latest addition to TfL's underground rolling stock.
Our demand for Underground travel is insatiable. We make an astonishing 3 or 4 million trips in and around the Capital every day,...
so these new trains are about more capacity and comfort for Londoners - in a high spec blend of science and style.
If could stand this new train on it's end,...
it would be twice as high as Nelson's Column, taller than Big Ben, taller than St Paul's Cathedral...
as high as Centre Point. It's the scale that London needs.
This is a hot design, but the coolest thing about it, is that it's fully air-conditioned, making travel for Londoners, simply, a breeze.
Another important innovation, these special wide bays for buggies and wheelchairs, making travel safer.
With no divisions between the cars its never been easier to:
Move right down inside please!...
and these trains are eco-friendly too, when they brake, they return power to the traction rail.
Giving the Circle Line the equivalent of 2 months free electricity per year.
So your journey will be cleaner and greener.
This new design brings cutting edge modernity to the worlds oldest underground railway.
The smartest, safest, coolest trains, being rolled out on the Circle and also the District and Metropolitan lines.
So you'll find this new release at a station near you.
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Our new hi-tech trains introduced by Michael Portillo - Tube improvements

1076 Folder Collection
hohoyao published on April 10, 2015
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