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All right. So in Italy guys, pizza is every day. It's not something we're going to home
make for a special occasion or because they have an empty Sunday afternoon. They do it
every day because it's that approachable. It's that easy.
If you think about the dough, all you need is flour, water, which I know 90 percent of
you already have at home, and then a 79 cent packet of yeast. That's how fast the flour
comes together, with the yeast, the water, and it makes a homemade dough that's just
so much better than buying it anywhere else.
When it comes to vegetables, you can clean out your refrigerator. Anything you have,
you can turn into a gorgeous pizza or a calzone, and you can eat it for days.
The dough itself, can also be put in the refrigerator or even the freezer up to three months. So
if you do make a big batch, make sure to store it. Makes complete sense. You always have
a little bit on hand. Just de-thaw it and then throw whatever you have in the refrigerator
right on top.
Making your own tomato sauce, don't even think about going and opening up a jar. It takes
no time at all. Most of the tomato sauces out there are raw. They don't even get cooked.
All you have to do is just blend together a little garlic, a little chili, some tomato,
and you have this gorgeous tomato sauce that can sit on top of any pizza.
Now when it comes to meats, anything that's going to take more than seven minutes, you're
going to want to cook ahead of time and then just dot it on your pizza, but if it's something
like prosciutto, or a little bit of salumi, or salami, or mortadella, all you have to
do is lay it right on top completely raw. It will finish cooking in your hot oven.
Now you're definitely going to want a pizza stone. You're going to want a good amount
of space, and you're absolutely going to want one of these, a rolling pin. It's going to
help you get your pizza to a nice even consistency.
When it comes to finishing the pizza, definitely snag a little bit of good olive oil, some
smoked salt, some flaked smoked salt. It looks like this. Really, really great. It kind of
gives the essence of the grill on a homemade pizza. Most homemade pizzas aren't going to
get up to the 800, 900 degrees that a professional kitchen will get to, so the smoked salt gives
you that smokiness that you wouldn't normally get.
I also love, love, love an awesome microplane, so if any type of cheese that just needs a
little bit of grating falls like snow. This gives a superfine grade and really helps the
Pizza should not just be a special occasion thing or a once in a blue moon. It's an everyday
thing. It's a way to utilize what you have in your fridge to have some fun and cook with
your families.
So, make pizza from scratch. Grab some beautiful sauce. Do it yourself. Finish it up right,
and enjoy yourself.
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7 Top Tips for Making Pizza at Home | Homemade Pizza

1201 Folder Collection
hohoyao published on April 8, 2015
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