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  • We had this funny idea last week.

  • We asked everyone at home to take a video of their kids making the best funny face.

  • With that in mind, I thought I'd challenge you to a contest. You up for it?

  • You're playing right into my hands here.

  • Absolutely yeah, so it's time for tonight's show: funny face off, here we go.

  • Now, how this works is we're gonna show a clip of one of these kids making a funny face.

  • And one of us is gonna try to recreate their funny face live, alright?

  • Ok! This first funny face is for you. Let's check it out.

  • Hi, my name is Dennison. My funny face is...

  • I love the way he prepared. He's put work into this. Yeah he did. He got so into it, didn't he?

  • Oh~no, I've got a beard. That's not fair.

  • What do you mean?

  • You've got a big, pudgy, nice kid's face, you're gonna win.

  • What are you talking about?

  • This is a normal, none pudgy

  • I am way too handsome with this beard to take this face.

  • Come on, you can do this.

  • That's really good, actually.

  • Right now, it's my turn. Let's see my face.

  • Hi, this is Aven and this is my funny face.

  • Wow, here we go.

  • Oh god! Alright, now is your turn. Ok, let's see the next face.

  • My name is Elle and I'm eight years old and this is my funny face.

  • She gets ready.

  • Turn into that one. Yeah!

  • Let me see. Let's see my funny face.

  • Hi I am Collins. This is my funny face.

  • Close? No?

  • Not really. It's not that really, it's that we are doing this to all.

  • Our national television.

  • Last one. This one is for both of us. So we both have to try to make the face.

  • Let's see it. Ok!

  • My name is Sophia and I'm doing my funny face.

  • I like the way she takes over her body slowly.

  • Wow, alright.

  • That's all the time we have for funny face. My man, talented.

  • Thank you for very talented Ricky Gervais. The one-hour Derek special is currently available on Netflix.

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  • Look at it. It's a great cat, isn't it? Everyone gets one.

  • It's so fun. Love cats. They're my favorite.

  • This one is a fat cat. He is a fat cat.

We had this funny idea last week.

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