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  • Unlike other, less cunning predators,

  • the hyena takes no chances, never attacking unless sure of a kill.

  • Though a consummate killer, he is clearly no gentleman.

  • I apologize for keeping you waiting.

  • I had some other business to dispose of.

  • So much wasted time.

  • Confusing motion with accomplishment. Another drink?

  • [Speaking Russian]

  • [Closes Drawer]

  • The M.V.D. killed my brother.

  • For that, I will see they drown in blood.

  • But their allies in America, I wish to send a message.

  • A very public message.

  • I want to strike fear into the marrow of their bones.

  • Can you kill this person?

  • Yes.

  • If I take this job, I'll have to disappear,

  • forever.

  • So if you want me to do this, you're going to have to pay me.

  • How much?

  • American dollars.

  • All cash, of course.

  • Half now, half upon completion.

  • Seventy million.

  • [Laughs]

  • Why not?

  • Done.

  • How many people know about this?

  • - You and I. - Keep it that way.

  • Don't refer to our arrangement by telephone or fax ever.

  • You should find a place outside of Russia to hide...

  • until the mission's completed.

  • If word of this leaks, it'll be my choice whether to continue or not.

  • Either way, I keep the initial payment. Agreed?

  • Okay.

Unlike other, less cunning predators,

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