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  • meet you watching he is preparing for the Isles writing test

  • he knows the basic requirements

  • is taking me I'll to writing test before and not achieved the score he wanted

  • he realizes he's been doing some things in Niles writing task 1

  • that don't work

  • he'll change reflects on his study process

  • in the past years tried to describe every number on charts and graphs

  • he realizes he should have identified 223

  • mean insignificant points each diagram and described these

  • he is also copied words from the exam question

  • or from the titles illustrations

  • this resulted in lower marks in addition he has used to many linking words or

  • phrases

  • just because he knows them he realizes he need a new plan for success

  • in I'll writing task 1

  • he'll change looks in on his friend kai shun to find out how she has been

  • successful

  • for Sky shun read the instructions carefully to understand what is required

  • to fully complete the question

  • it is dangerous to rush answers before understanding the task first

  • its okay Sheung takes her time doing this

  • he'll chain watches his cash and looks at the information

  • in begins reflecting on what she sees first

  • she paraphrases the keywords using different words

  • so free this question

  • she writes this

  • it is important to understand the information depicted

  • its ok I shun analyzes what she sees then she looks for the most significant

  • trends in the diagram

  • she writes an overview of the information presented

  • telling Eugene this is one of the keys for her high schooler

  • this can be included in ED the introduction

  • or conclusion and will usually be a couple of sentences

  • after noticing points to be highlighted

  • she thinks about how she would describe them

  • she considers the grammatical tenses that are relevant

  • as this graph covers years in the past past tense grammar is appropriate to

  • talk about the information

  • as the graph also has huge your predictions she will use future aspects

  • in her writing to

  • cash and makes a few notes planning in organizing her thoughts to arrange your

  • paragraphs effectively

  • before she begins to write her summary as she continues to write

  • she separated paragraphs clearly in uses themes for each paragraph

  • this allows you to explain her ideas fully

  • she uses a variety of verbs and adjectives when describing the

  • information

  • in order to show range a vocabulary

  • one of her favorite tools is to make notes on all mine

  • showing a variety of words to use to describe degrees have change for her

  • essay

  • you chain has learned a lot by watching haitians process

  • you watching practices this process many times for himself

  • now you watching finds himself ready to take the I'll to exam

  • again this time with confidence in it good process

  • he is also taking time to watch the British Council's

  • other I'll to writing videos

  • he retakes the I'll test and achieve his target score

  • if you follow the do using don'ts for the il2 task one writing

  • you can increase your chance of a higher score

  • just like you watching the world speaks

  • I else

meet you watching he is preparing for the Isles writing test

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