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What up FoodTubers we're going to make the most incredible
beautiful chocolate pots this would be brilliant for a romantic interlude yes
or frankly anyone with loads of friends or kids but they're also
vegan-friendly. The mystery ingredient tofu
yes yes yes I know. Shush. Shh.
Tofu. No, no stop, listen
No, stop, stop, listen.
Okay this is a vegan chocolate dish and this is fantastic because
actually we got the benefits of having less saturated fat so it's
healthier but you can really really taste the quality of the chocolate
so this is how we roll guys we're starting off with really good
quality dark chocolate eighty-five percent cocoa solids
two packs of these, 200 grams, give it a slap
and lets open up our chocolate
and that just sprinkle in, bowl
over some water now this will slowly melt
into the bowl just give it a little stir every 30 seconds or something like that
but don't rush it
then the tofu this is the point where cream would normally go into some kinda
chocolate mousse or some
sort of chocolate pot. Just put into a clean tea towel, has to be clean
So there's one pack and two packs. So there's 700g of tofu
in that clean teatowel. Grab up the corners and
bring it together and twist it and get rid of the residual
excess moisture
go into a food processor. Throw in all of the tofu
just like that. Just the zest of one lime
Try and use one of these microplanes, or fine graters
Don't use the coarse ones, it's got to be just the green skin
here. Give it a whack. So go in with one tablespoon of
beautiful dark rum. Then I'm going to go in with 2 teaspoons
of vanilla bean paste, you can use extract
but this paste, I just love the flavour it's really really good
a little pinch of salt. Back over here we've got our chocolate looking good
there's a few little bits in there so we'll come back to that in a second. Now
a 160 grams of maple syrup which is basically
all of this and then another little secret ingredient
chilli. It's a bit fashionable I know, but I don't want to add much to it, like a good pinch
So I'm just going to add that chilli into there. I'm gonna take my chocolate off
the heat now. You can see this is completely melted look at that
beautiful so let this cool down. I'm going to whizz this up for about two minutes to get
super silky smooth then I'll start adding the chocolate
okay now it's super smooth, now we can start adding the chocolate
Okay so let' have a little look in here. I mean look at that I mean
it is chocolate heaven
you know its totally convincing I know you weren't convinced by the tofu at
the beginning
but let me just go over the logic just one last time
Look I'm all into cream it's delicious its rich you can put air bubbles into it
but if it's the really good chocolate which we want to celebrate
you know having it simpler and cleaner you can really taste it
Let's have a little taste
Really really good so it's time to think about serving it over here
I've got some glasses, little expresso cups are super cute
this is enough for about 8 little chocolate pots
so I'm just gonna edge it out and this is a chocolate pot so we don't want
loads if you wanna put into something and
shake it flat you can, but I quite like seeing
the ripples because you see just how silky it is then
three of my favourite things on the planet, maple syrup, dark rum
and chocolate we can have real fun with this. You can take
a little cantucci biscuit you know with
little pistachios in it and it smash up beautiful. You could take
an amaretti biscuits and smash that up, take your favorite
hobnob or biscuit or whatever gets you going
and bash that up, even some nice nuts
So anything that's going to compliment the lovely chocolate
experience so I'm just gonna take some nice little gingernuts, just bash these up
to a nice fine powder, something crunchy
is going to be amazing and just put a spoon like this
you could just shave a bit of extra chocolate on the top
you can also just get an everyday grater, and do exactly the same
pistachios so I would take these nuts now
and just put them on top of one
So there you go guys beautiful vegan chocolate pots
I hope you love it, give it a go, if you like it please give us a thumbs up
What would you do with this? What would you do if you were making this to kind of make
funked up
and great for you, let us know because we love
hearing your comments. One thing I need to tell you as I just did a wicked
Milano Torino it's one my favorite cocktails, I did it in Turin
with an incredible bartender Giuseppe
click the link, down there
and check out the Milano Torino, you're gonna love it. It's a beautiful simple cocktail
until next time take care, bye guys.
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Vegan Chocolate Pots | Jamie Oliver

1573 Folder Collection
許芷寧 published on April 4, 2015
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