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  • [ Muted Explosion ]

  • [ Alarm ]

  • Agh!

  • Oh, shit. We're gettin' too old for this.

  • [ Man On Phone ] Westguard Security.

  • Yeah, l got a fire at Centurion Bank.

  • Yeah, we got the alarm. Are there anyseconday indications? Smoke orflame?

  • Sm-- Ahh, no.

  • lt's probablya false alarm. We've been getting them in yourarea all night.

  • See ifit resets.

  • Sureyou know which one to cut?

  • Yes! The alarm's always the green one.

  • Good, Carl.

  • Hey, man, l'm not waitin' any Ionger. l'm callin' the fire--

  • Oh. It, uh, stopped. Sory.

  • Hey, no problem. And, son?

  • Good work. Thank you, sir.

  • All yours, Bish.

  • So, how much doyou want?

  • [ Woman ] 80,OOO, 90,OOO, 1 OO,OOO.

  • Okay.

  • May l askwhyyou're closing your account with us today, sir?

  • Well, l just had this weird feeling that my money wasn't safe here anymore.

  • Gentlemen, your communication lines are vulnerable.

  • fire exits need to be monitored.

  • Your rent-a-cops are a tad under trained.

  • Outside ofthat, eveything seems to bejust fine.

  • You'll be getting our full report and analysis in a few days.

  • But first, who's got my check?

  • [Woman ] So, people hire you to break into their places...

  • to make sure no one can break into their places?

  • lt's a living.

  • Not a vey good one.

[ Muted Explosion ]

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