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  • Hey, what's up, guys? So in the past couple months I've been talking to a lot of the homeless people,

  • and they've been all told me that people treated them differently. They don't treat them

  • as human beings. To today, I'm going to dress like a homeless guy

  • and try to go in and eat at a fancy restaurant. Let's see how they treat me.

  • Sorry, sir, can I eat here?

  • -No, no, no, no. Go aside. -Can I check the menu? -No.

  • -Go straight! -I have some money.

  • Go?

  • -Can I eat here? -You know what? I don't think you can do it.

  • -Oh, I can't? -No. -Oh, okay, so... -The owner here is gonna complain, so...

  • -So the owner doesn't... -No, I'm sorry.

  • Okay.

  • Can I see the menu?

  • -Menu? -Yeah. -You have means of paying for the menu?

  • Yeah, I have some money.

  • -Can I come sit inside and... -No, not inside, no, sorry.

  • -I can't... -No, you can't, sorry. -Oh, I can't sit inside...

  • No, you can't. She informed you up street there's a Pizzas Hola cheaper than this.

  • Thank you sir, thank you for dropping by.

  • An hour later...

  • How are you?

  • Question, uh...

  • Can I just check some menu request? I don't know what you guys have here.

  • -It's okay, but can you hear? -Sure. -Can I see a menu request and some...

  • -Do you guys have anything like... really nice in here? -(dishes' name)

  • -So I can going inside and eat it, that's cool, right? -Yeah. -I was here in couple hours.

  • -Not too long. Do you remember me? -What? but... -You remember me!

  • -Yes. -Yeah, so ,yeah, cause actual I didn't have to pick up... to pick up my car and pick up my clothes.

  • but now like you guys can serve, you know, it's kind like...

  • I don't get it, like... you guys maybe shouldn't judge people by the way we look.

  • -Perfect! -I am perfect now? -Yeah.

  • Okay, well you know what? Not really hungry anymore because the way you treat people makes me sick.

  • -Yeah, yeah, remember me, right? -Yes, yes. -Because I was asking you guys,

  • and you guys said, you know, I can't really eat here, so I was like...

  • -Don't be mad. Thank you so much. -Okay.

  • Next time when you drive on the red side, at the poster...

  • Yeah? That's it?

  • Okay.

  • -Alright. -Hey, were you that guy?

  • Yeah, I was here already and you guys didn't want let me in, so I wanna come back.

  • We just... we don't want to judge people by the way we look. Instead is everybody should be equal.

  • You know I mean?

  • -Everybody should be equal. -That's me right there.

  • -You know, respect everybody. -I called them.

  • Bye bye.

Hey, what's up, guys? So in the past couple months I've been talking to a lot of the homeless people,

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