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Now what are the powers of a person who is born again? First of all, such a person is
a tranquil, peaceful person; he becomes automatically righteous, automatically. I don't have to
tell you, "Don't do this and don't do that." That's finished now with Moses. No more of
that. As soon as you become the Spirit, you just give up all those things that are destructive
for us, automatically. No pressures are needed, no warning is needed, nothing of the kind,
automatically, because the spirit is the light, you get your enlightenment. Supposing I am
holding a snake in my hand, and it's not light. Somebody tells me it's a snake, I say, "No,
it's a rope, I am holding on to a rope." But when there is a light I just drop it. In a
simple way, nobody has to tell me, I see the light and it drops out. In the same way, you
are an enlightened person. You can make out what is truth and what is untruth. For example,
you see someone, even from Indian jails, some people who have just come out of jails, they
don't know what to do with themselves. So they walk out with saffron clothes to Germany,
maybe to Australia also, and they become great babajis here. Now these great babajis sit
on some of the important places in the city and everybody is surrounding them, giving
them money, giving them their lives, you see, all big talk of love going on and everything.
Is he a realized soul or not? How will you find out? You don't know whether he's a realized
soul or not because you are not at an absolute point. You are still in a relative understanding.
Because this person is wearing this kind of a dress, is sitting very quietly there, so
he must be a babajii. You cannot recognize a person, whether a person is true or not.
You can't recognize me, either, whether I am telling you the truth or not. Unless and
until you become that absolute being, you cannot make it out. Then what happens, that
when the kundalini rises and pierces through your fontanel bone area, then you also start
feeling on your fingertips -- these fingertips are nothing but the sympathetic nervous system
centers, which are indicating of the truth. If the person has got cool wind or cool breeze
coming from that person, then he is a real one. If he doesn't have, then he is not. There
are many persons who claim to be great, but they are not -- ultimately we find out and
we are shocked the way they are. We don't know, how is it our brain has failed, how
is it our brilliance did not show clearly what was wrong with this gentleman? Because
we are not that. We have to accept humbly that we are still at a human awareness and
we have to be at a spiritual awareness. That's the dimension we have to get, otherwise we
cannot judge things properly. In this country now we have certain problems, in this whole
world we have problems -- problems of atom bomb, every day you are hearing about this
problem and that problem: all created by human beings. Imagine, intelligent, such good people
have created problems for themselves: killing each other, preparing bombs and things like
that; protecting each other -- I mean, no animal does that. Only human beings are trying
to protect themselves from each other. They're all the time worried who is going to attack
them; not sure of themselves. The reason is they haven't reached that state of absoluteness.
The time has come now, the time has come for you either to take to constructive working
out of the problem, or the destructive. By discussions, by arguments, by anything you
are not going to achieve anything unless and until there's a complete transformation in
the human mind. And transformation is only possible when you become the Spirit, because
Spirit is the universal being within you. And you become collectively conscious -- means,
you start a universal feeling; you just start feeling another person on your fingertips.
And if you know how to correct it, you have corrected that person. This is only the play
of love of God; it's so simple, even children can do it. Many children when they put their
fingers in their mouth or their thumbs in their mouth, according to Mr. Freud it's something
nonsense, but according to us they are suggesting what centers you are catching. To understand
your own children you have to be a realized soul because the understanding is still not
matured. Unless and until you become a realized soul, you are not a mature personality to
judge anything. At that level, whatever you judge will have another point of view. You
can take ten small children who are realized souls -- we have many like that -- and hide
their eyes. Now ask them, "What's the wrong with this particular person?" They will all
raise one finger meaning this, or this finger. If this finger, means that person feels guilty
for nothing at all (it's the Vishuddhi on the left-hand side) or the right, means he
talks too much and he has problems here. This knowledge becomes your own. This is one
of the powers I have described to you that you feel the collective consciousness within
yourself. Whatever you achieve in your evolution is a living process. It is not a dead process,
it's a living process by which your central nervous system can feel what is around you,
what is within you. What you call the parasympathetic nervous system gets activated, and you can
understand the parasympathetic while, if there are any doctors they will tell you that they
don't know much about parasympathetic. Now all these things happen to you and even if
you are a child, you can manage the show. The second power that you get is that you
can raise the kundalini of another person like one enlightened light can enlighten another
person. But we cannot deal with people who are nasty, who are superficial, who are stupid,
not meant for that. It is meant for people who are seekers, who are intense: they are
the chosen ones and they are called as 'seekers' nowadays. They might be drug addicts, or they
might be anything -- doesn't matter. They have been truly seeking; they have taken something
wrong as right or they might have done some mistakes -- doesn't matter. Everything is
forgiven. They will get what they want because they have been intensely seeking, truly wanting
to be the Spirit. This is the pure desire of the person that works out -- not a person
who is just wanting it for the sake of some sort of a selfish or some sort of a power-oriented
ideas. Now the third power one gets is this, that a person becomes absolutely dynamic.
He works very hard in the office time; he can do things which he has never done before.
I know of somebody who has never done anything artistic, suddenly he started painting. I
know another one who has never known what is poetry because he's a chartered accountant;
he has been dealing with money all the time. Suddenly he started writing poetry, that too
in Urdu language which is such a difficult thing. Such dynamism one develops.
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Sahaja Yoga Meditation

1125 Folder Collection
邱奕傑 published on March 31, 2015
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