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Wooohooo! Ahhhoooo!
So, you're just going to run through the forest with your hair dragging all over the place, huh?
I can't believe I did this!!!!
Youre not worried about stuff, I don't know, getting tangled in it?
So fun!! Woo hahahahha!
Oh! There goes a stick!
Theres a stick in your hair!
And some leaves, a lot of leaves. Actually.
Wait, is that a bird's nest?
Im never going back!!!
This is getting gross. Now theres mud.
At least I hope that was mud.
Ugh... Was that a dead animal?
You've got a dead animal in your hair!!!
I think it was a squirrel...
You don't even care?
Well, this is unfortunate.
At first I though you were kind of cute and I was having second thoughts about stealing from you, but now i think...
Whahahah!! Woohoo!
This is just sad..
And you might be a little on the crazy side.
Mmhmm, the precious...
Ok, this is getting weird. I'm just gonna go.
You take care, Rapunzel.
Best. Day. Ever!!!!
Whew, that was a close one! Glad we moved past that...
No more girls with crazy hair. Oh, hey. How you doin'?
My name is.. OH MY GOSH!!
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How Tangled Should Have Ended

1659 Folder Collection
賴宛君 published on March 30, 2015
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